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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Out there, In the Wild

Well, today is my last official day as a host at CFCR 90.5 FM.

I am moving out of the city next week to start a new life chapter. I am happy for new opportunities and adventures, but will miss everything about CFCR. It enriched my life so much.

I could wax poetic and positive forever (and already have a bit through personal channels). So above is a collage I made of just some of the hundreds of pictures I have of CFCR-related endeavours.

Also, I want to truly express my sincere appreciation. Thank you to those who I've met, volunteered with, been trained by, those who I've trained, my fellow hosts, the staff, the board, the listeners, and my friends and family. It's been an amazing privilege and honour being a part of it all.

I hummed and hawwed about how best to honour my time in sexyxe (sexy YXE, ya know!?), and I thought -- how else but to play as many Saskatoon bands I could jam into a two hour time slot? There were so many more and I named a number that I wanted to fit in but simply couldn't. Like the awesome Man Meat, great pals o' mine who are going to raucously rock Sled Island this year. Also Shooting Guns, We Were Lovers, Caves, Chunder Buffet, and the list really goes on, because, Lord liftin' we have a vast array of talent here in Saskatoon.

We're loaded up with links, so check 'em all out, k?

Playlist for April 13, 2017

For the Sun - Close Talker
Forevermore (Wah? OH!) - Volcanoless in Canada
Sunfire Drug Haus - The Radiation Flowers
Hearts Like Bears - Maybe Smith
New Orbit - The Moas
Summer Sun - Slow Down, molasses
Mirrors - Acronyms
Rejoice, Remain - Junior Pantherz
Out there, In the Wild - Young Benjamins
Wanted, Needed, Loved - Dumb Angel
This Life of Mine - Jen Lane
Rosalee - The Garrys
Who Says Dreams Don't Come True - The Karpinka Brothers
A Million Little Things - Rosie and the Riveters
Wreckless - Little Criminals
Stuck On You - Ride Til Dawn
There's a Light - Kirby Criddle
When the Wind Wakes Me - Six Moons Later
1984 - The Seahags
The Middle Road - The Sheepdogs
Delay our Time - Waitress
Renegades - Economics


Also, our membership drive is officially winding up tonight with Karaoke Thursday. (FYI: It was formerly coupled with the amazing podcast, This Night Will Change Your Life, which you should subscribe to and keep your eyes and ears open for because there's cool things to come, for sure.)


I will not lie, I thought I was gonna sap it up way more today, but I only cried at the end of my show. No tears right now, so that's good.

Much love and here's to awesome community radio! ❤️


kathy g

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Golden Days


Well. Life is funny, and interesting.

This is my second to last show with CFCR, I am all finished next week. It is certainly bittersweet. This station, its fine programming, and the stellar people I've gotten to know are amazing. CFCR's presence is the foundation of my life here in Saskatoon.

I have taken an employment opportunity in another city, and will be relocating mid-month.

Alas, the show will go on, with a new host, and I'll carry this station in my heart, for certain.

So, I've got some links about upcoming events, some as soon as this evening! Check it out.

Playlist for April 6, 2017

A New Name for Everything - The Weakerthans
You In Your Were - Kevin Drew
Miss My Friends - Zeus
Confused - Yukon Blonde
Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Truey Bluey - The Garrys*
Dark Dance - Little Scream
Golden Days - Whitney
Heartsigh - Purity Ring
There is XXXX - You Say Party!
Odessa - Caribou
Knight Moves - Chilly Gonzales
Step Into the Darkness - Said the Whale
Sign - Hush Pup
Reluctant Readers Make Reluctant Lovers - Library Voices*
Cascades - Metric
Dream Invader - We Were Lovers*
This is the Year - Hilary Grist
Oceans Brawl - Coeur de pirate
The Mama Papa - Plants and Animals
Pretty Please - Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

And don't forget - it's membership drive time!

Alright, talk to you on April 13. I'm going to try not to cry during next week's show, but I make no promises. (Read: I'm going to cry. For sure.)

Until next week,  



Thursday, March 30, 2017

Body of Years

Hi folks!

So, tomorrow's the end of March. WHAT?

Today, I met another trainee, John! It was great to teach him about the ins and outs of the station. He also hopped on air for a quick segment too. If people feel ready, I always give 'em the option because you learn by doing with the boards, for sure. Yay more fellow radio colleagues! His picks are in blue below!

Got a couple links fer ya to check out - including a nice article about one of my faves, Jenn Grant. If you are able to go to her show tonight - DO! And if so, I'm jealous!

Playlist for March 30, 2017

Constellations - Black Mountain
Come Alive - The Jezabels
Field Of Trampolines - Shotgun Jimmie
Gimme Sympathy (Metric Cover) - Elliott BROOD
Warm And Sunny Days - The Dears
Daydream - Chic Gamine
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
I've Been Asleep for a Long, Long Time - Hey Rosetta!
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
Maison - Les Soeurs Boulay
Je Cherche Un Homme - Jill Barber
Red Dress - Rosie And The Riveters*
Tonight - Ride Til Dawn*
This Life of Mine - Jen Lane*
Sun In An Empty Room - The Weakerthans
Spades - Jenn Grant Feat. Buck 65
Cultured Man - The Zolas
Circle the Dark - TOPS
Take Good Care Of The Poor Boy - Sloan
Delay Our Time - Waitress*
Body of Years - Mother Mother
Neighbourhood #2 (Liaka) - Arcade Fire
Hedonistic Me - Born Ruffians


It's membership drive tiiiiiimmmme!

That's right, it's time to renew for 2017/2018! Yeah, you get discounts at wonderful local businesses, and get the chance to win great prizes and concert tickets on the regular -- all awesome. BUT being a member means you are a part of a great community-run station with fantastic staff, volunteers and great programming. Thought provoking spoken word shows, a wide range of cultural programs, music from every genre a heart can desire! 

That link above lists all the spots where you can get your new card over the next two weeks! 

Aight, take care, talk to you in a week! 

take care, 


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Future Politics

Hi, pals.

Hope all's well. Apt title today...

In other news, I thought I was getting a spring cold, but it seems I have allergies. Dang, it's been strange! I can't actually remember the last time I had spring allergies, it was way before I moved out to SK though, so 12+ years, for sure. I think I'm on the mend though. Feeling mostly back to normal(ish), whatever that means.

Got some cool links for you to check out. Some festivals were announced recently, like the Gateway Festival in good ol' Bengough! Great lineup.

I am very much looking forward to seeing Joel Plaskett perform with his father Bill tomorrow at the Broadway Theatre. Dear friends of mine got me a ticket for Christmas! The Mayhemingways are opening for them. They're a two-piece band from Ontario, whom I once saw perform in front of Back Alley Music in Charlottetown, PEI a couple years ago. Should be a great evening!

Playlist for March 23, 2017

Wasted Daylight - Stars
Everything Must Go! - The Weakerthans
Lost in the Plot - The Dears
Multi-Love - Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Way With Silence - Vogue Dots
Hang With Me - Dan Mangan
Nowhere With You - Joel Plaskett
Three Cool Chicks - The Garrys*
Sunburned in LA - Library Voices*
These Years - Anna Haverstock*
Sunfire Drug Haus - The Radiation Flowers*
Another Yesterday Again - The Sadies
By Morning - Ghostkeeper
Roll With the Punches - Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett
High And Lonely - Eliza Mary Doyle*
Road To Venus - Lief Vollebekk
Strange Weather - Louise Burns
Delay Our Time - Waitress*
Future Politics - Austra
Renegades - Economics*

Alright, talk to you next week. :)

Take care,


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sometimes You Got to Be Sad

Oh, hai. How are you? I'm okay. It's Smarch 16 today.

The show this morn was a fun one. Started out with some rockin' tunes, chilled out for a bit. Got a lil dance-y, and then mixed it all up.

Had a few inspirations today. Some friends have been sharing some great tunes with me, I finally got to see Rose Cousins and discovered Erin Costelo thanks to that show. Also featured some great upcoming acts are set to grace our Saskatoon stages. And Coeur de Pirate is going to be at Regina Folk Fest!! Check out the linky-loos I've shared for some fun stuff.

Playlist for March 16, 2017

Love Without Emotion - Pissed Jeans
Sunfire Drug Haus - Radiation Flowers*
Come On - Sunflower Bean
Golden Days - Whitney
Love Stuck - Mother Mother
Minnesota - The Courtneys
Stranger - Miesha and the Spanks
Knot in My Heart - The Zolas
Chains - Rose Cousins
Oh Me Oh My - Erin Costelo
Sometimes You Got to Be Sad - Bros*
Up In the Air - Joel and Bill Plaskett
Pour que tu m'aimes encore - Les Soeurs Boulay
Prends Ma Main - PostScript
Silver - Caribou
In Private - Dusty Springfield
My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit
Eulogy for You and Me - Tanya Davis
Oceans Brawl - Coeur de pirate
Make It On Time - Zachary Lucky*
Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Five Alarm Funk
Tetherball - Karpinka Brothers*
Be My Juliette Greco 1949 - Library Voices*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Also there's a couple great shows happening tomorrow night for St. Paddy's Day.

Talk at ya in a week,



Thursday, March 9, 2017

Further From You


Rad radio times to be had today.

I'm a lucky little trainer over here, I had another budding host in with me today - Emily! She was refining her skills, and it was great to chat with her and hear her on-air!

Today's playlist had a couple big themes - mostly femme-led artists and bands, and lots of Sasky goodness. Femme because of #IWD2017, SK awesomeness because we simply have so much of it! :)

Speaking of celebrating fem/me - FEMFEST is TOMORROW NIGHT! It's going to be spectacular! The lovely folks from Girls Rock Saskatoon will also be on hand with a booth chockfull of info about that great endeavour as well.

Click to enlarge image! 

Check out the links for cool stuff - upcoming shows and other tidbits!

Playlist for March 9, 2017

Gauntlet - Eekwol*
Uja - Tanya Tagaq
Rock With Me - We Were Lovers*
That's What You Do Best - Adaline
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
There's a Light - Kirby Criddle*
Wind and Sea - Theresa Sokyrka*
A Million Little Things - Rosie and the Riveters*
For the Best - Rose Cousins
Lamp Shade - Megan Nash*
Nothing to Lose - Eliza Mary Doyle*
Sweet Tart - Belle Plaine*
White Dove - Jenn Grant
Omega Dog - The Dears
Evergreen - The Fjords*
The Mama Papa - Plants and Animals
1984 - The Seahags*
First Day of Spring - Jen Lane*
Further From You - Julie and the Wrong Guys
Aurora - Ursa*
Harmonic Steppenwolf - Shooting Guns*
Yesterday's Clothes - Surf Dads*
No Good - Kaleo
Storm Song - Public Animal
Road Regrets - Dan Mangan
Who's Gonna Miss You? - Danny Michel
Wanting - Oh Pep!
Storms - Louise Burns

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

Alright, talk to you soon, and see you at FEMFEST!?

take care,


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Everything You've Done Wrong - (Mostly) 90s Canadiana

Hi there!

I filled in for the lovely Savhanna on Snake Mountain Mixtape this evening.

I was 100% inspired by a 90s dance party that took place this week. I was thinking how much awesome Canadian music there is and was back in the 90s. Quite a few of the songs I picked were played at our junior high and high school dances back in the day.

So, here's the list for tonight - so much nostalgia!

SMM Playlist - March 4, 2017

Run Runaway - Great Big Sea
Everything You've Done Wrong - Sloan
Courage - Tragically Hip
Remote Control - Age of Electric*
4 am - Our Lady Peace
Grade 9 - Barenaked Ladies
You're a Superstar - Love Inc.
Drinking in LA - Bran Van 3000
Da Funk - Daft Punk
Days Like That - Sugar Jones
Funkmobile - Bass is Base
Northern Touch - Rascalz
When You're Gone - Bryan Adams and Mel C.
Try - Blue Rodeo
That Song - Big Wreck
Digging a Hole - Big Sugar
Red - Treble Charger

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Alrighty, talk to ya during my regular slot on Thursday March 9, unless I fill in again for another rad radio colleague.

peace out,