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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Pretty Respectable

Sweet and short today. I seriously can't believe it's the end of May. I always say how much time flies by but this year it really is. Maybe it's because I'm creeping up in age? Ripe ol' 32, I tells ya. Who knows.

Playlist for May 29, 2014

Ageless Beauty - Stars
Rock With Me - We Were Lovers*
Hieroglyphics - Maylee Todd
P:U:S:H - Rich Aucoin
Pretty Respectable - Mounties
Fancy Pants - Bend Sinister
My Friend - Paper Lions
Fall for You - Young Galaxy
Radio - Yukon Blonde
Resuscitate - Wintersleep
Money Babies - The Dears
Devil's Got a Gun - Whitehorse
Wait Up For You - The Belle Game
Backyard - Good Lovelies
The Rear Guard - Old Man Luedecke
Young & Lazy - The Matinée
My Denial in Argyle - Woodpigeon

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

I'll have to admit, I've got a super annoying case of the spring blahs at the moment. That being said, one thing that always helps is music! Nothing is better than a great cover of a fantastic song. And who better to do it than the adorable super-manly members of The Matinée. In need of an instant smile and/or a mood booster? Click here.

Oh and, this. It's just beautiful. 

(Pssst. Matinée? You need to tour in Saskatoon again! I won't miss it this time.)

Well, till next week. I gots a treat in store for you then! :) 



Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Middle Road


I had a blast making today's playlist. It took me a bit to put it together, but it was a super fun one!

Playlist for Thursday May 22!

Generation Handclap - Library Voices*
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
La petite mort - Coeur de pirate
Ex-Factor - Lauryn Hill
Asleep on the Bus - BesTiE
Sunshine - The Wet Secrets
Human Heat - Sam Roberts Band
Indio - Matt Mays
Birthday - The Sheepdogs*
The Middle Road - The Sheepdogs*
Desire 126 - Hollerado
Make a New Dance Up - Hey Ocean!
What Comes After the Weekend - James Younger
Hot Tonight - Tokyo Police Club
Crash Landing - Rae Spoon
Things You Go Through  - Apollo Ghosts
A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett
This Town - The Matinée
When She Rides - White Ash Falls
Ruby - Louise Burns
Observatory - The Zolas
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Noisemaker - Two Hours Traffic
The Little Creatures Know - Rich Aucoin
If - Rich Aucoin
The Second Summer of Love - Pink Mountaintops
I'll Be Loving You - King Khan and the BBQ Show

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

Today, it is my dear cousin Laura's birthday. She lives in PEI, and always listens to my show! She is an amazing gal. Her favourite band in the world is Saskatoon's own Sheepdogs. This past winter, I had the great fortune to meet Ryan Gullen, super sweet and down to earth bassist in said supergroup. I still had a copy the Rolling Stone magazine from 2011 when they won the Cover Shoot contest! I told Ryan how much my cousin and I loved the band, and he got all the guys to sign the mag, and I sent it to her for Christmas. No one has ever been so happy to receive a 2.5 year old magazine! :)

I made sure to play a couple of their tunes today, including the aptly titled Birthday

Well, see you on Thursday, May 29!



Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time Stands Still

I'm having fun picking song titles as my blog titles lately.

Today, my first hour was pretty much solid rockin'. It was constructed as a musical jolt of energy, and also provided a bit of catharsis as I was building said playlist. The second hour had a good mix of poppy and folky songs.

I usually try to have little mini-sets of genres/tempos, but I just let the music lead me today. The great thing about CFCR is that we are able to play a wide variety of artists from all different musical walks. Wonderful, I tells ya!

Money City Maniacs - Sloan
Your Hands (Together) - New Pornographers
Baby Don't Dance - Mother Mother
Heart's the Target - Milks and Rectangles
Split the Money - North Lakes
Brother Down - Sam Roberts
Validation - Apollo Ghosts
Subdivisions - PS I Love You
I880 - Pack A.D.
Houdini - Teenage Kicks
I Got Love - Bend Sinister
Righteous Smoke - Monster Truck
The Way it Is - The Sheepdogs*
Real Horse Footage - Shooting Guns*
Month of May - Arcade Fire
Instant Karma (Beatles Cover) - Cuff the Duke
Time Stands Still - Joal Kamps** 
I need a Cowboy - Suzie Vinnick*
Colors - April Smith & The Great Picture Show
Oh, what a thing - Good Lovelies
River of Jordan - Seahags*
Propinquity - The Elwins
Dance With Me - The Sounds
Aside - Weakerthans
Surface - Teen Daze
Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix) - Rah Rah*
Help I'm Alive - Metric

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes request.

I got a request from a gal named Victoria today, for Joal Kamps. First of all, super-cool name! Second of all, sweet tunes! Thanks for listening, and for allowing me to discover a new act. :)

Note: I have some links up in my list there for some upcoming shows/festivals.

Have a great Victoria Day weekend, and see you on May 22! :)



Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gimme Sympathy

Hi hi!

Today's show was a good one. Plain and simple! I enjoyed putting together today's playlist. :)

Here it is, for Thursday, May 8!

Arena - Suuns
We Exist - Arcade Fire
Permanent Hesitation - Born Ruffians
Ghost Fever - Balconies
Bruised Ghosts - Amy Millan
A Damn Shame - Crissi Cochrane
Sunset Strip -  Six Moons Later*
Crabbuckit - Good Lovelies
Lovers Go - The Coast
Permanent Record - Golden Dogs
Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin - Elephant Stone
Gimme Sympathy (Metric cover) - Elliott BROOD
How it Came Down - Folly and the Hunter
I Am Part of a Large Family - Great Lake Swimmers
By Morning - Ghostkeeper
How Late, How Long - Sheepdogs*
Stamp - Rural Alberta Advantage
Post-War Blues - Dan Mangan
Roll with the Punches - Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
Serve the People (Handsome Furs cover) - Young Galaxy
Nothing is Anything - Wintersleep
Magic - Two Hours Traffic
Summer Song - Treelines
Drunk as a Sailor - Oh Susanna
Mother - Said the Whale

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

See you on May 15!



PS - I got Lauryn Hill tickets! :)

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everything is everything

Hey hey, it's the month of May!

Today's show was a bit of a mixed bag. I featured lots of artists that will be visiting our fine city in the coming weeks - either by concert or by festival - and also artists that will be joining other well known festivals like Sonic Boom and Sled Island. Links listed below!

Playlist for Thursday, May 1!

A House that Heaven Built - Japandroids
O My Heart - Mother Mother
The Grand Optimist - City and Colour 
What's Worse - Bahamas
I Want you Back - Jenn Grant
Saint-Laurent - Coeur de pirate
Michigan Left - Arkells
Sweet Victoria - Andy Shauf*
On Top of Your Love - Royal Wood
In Perfect Time - Jill Barber
Hell - Tegan and Sara
Set Yourself on Fire - Stars
neon love - Economics
Fantasize - Hannah Georgas
Cool Kids - Fast Romantics
Taste the Shame - B.A. Johnston
By the Lake - Close Talker*
Lay Down in the Tall Grass - Timber Timbre
Constellation - Forest City Lovers
Bodies - We Were Lovers*
Closer - Chic Gamine
Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Hieroglyphics - Maylee Todd
Travelling - Paper Lions
Adventures in Solitude - New Pornographers

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

I'm not going to lie to you right now - Lauryn Hill is one of my all-time favourite artists, and I'm really hoping to score JazzFest tickets to see her. The mind of 17-year-old me was filled with glee upon hearing the news a couple days ago! I played her Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album until it literally stopped working. I can't believe it came out 16 years ago.

Today I had a trainee host named Brendan join me in studio and he took the reigns for a few sets. He really loves his Canadian music too, and it will be great to have him join the ranks. :)

Have an excellent rest of the week, and see you on May 8.