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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Race to the Bottom


Today was a good day in radio. I wasn't feeling super chatty, but that's okay! It's about the music. :)

I have all sorts of cool links to peruse below, including upcoming local shows, including ones for Sled Island and Jazz Fest, a new EP (!!), and some artists that are on the long list for the Polaris Music Prize.

Playlist for June 23, 2016

Omega Dog - The Dears
Hostages - A.C. Newman
Drapeau Blanc - Coeur de pirate
Race to the Bottom - Dan Mangan
The Girl - City and Colour
Peace on the Rise - Chad van Gaalen
The Magician - Andy Shauf*
Land of Living Skies II - The Besnard Lakes
Rosalee - The Garrys*
Tall Tall Shadows - Basia Bulat
Stargazer - Nap Eyes
Forgiven/Forgotten - Angel Olsen
Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) - Arcade Fire
Permanent Hesitation - Born Ruffians
Theme from Waitress - Waitress*
C'mon Baby - Junior Boys
Our Love - Caribou
Art Angels - Grimes
Stop Desire - Tegan and Sara

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Also, I played Angel Olsen today. Her performance here in Saskatoon the other day was nothing short of stunning. She had the crowd at Amigos pin-drop quiet at several points, which at a typically chat-filled establishment, is rare. She is a swoon-worthy crooner, for certain.

Well, dat's it for another week. Lots of great music coming up, and as always, you can use our handy events page to keep up-to-date!

Until June 30,


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Who Says (MoSo) Dreams Don't Come True?

 How's it going? Good I hope. Another Thursday has come, but this one is special - MoSo starts today!

In case you're not familiar, it is a conference and music festival that centres around the artistic epicentre of our city - namely the Broadway Avenue region. There's lots of cool changes this year, like Free Community talks which are sure to be riveting, the sweet free stage, and a powerful handful of speakers.

All of today's artists are going to be performing on stages over the course of the next four days. If you want to view the whole schedule of goodness, it is available here (and it's printable too!) I had some double shots in there for ya.

Playlist for June 16, 2016 - MOSOMANIA

Summer Sun - Slow Down, Molasses*
Men Without Hats - The Burning Hell
Golden Lion - Besnard Lakes
King of Kreuzberg - Shotgun Jimmie
Who Says Dreams Don't Come True - The Karpinka Brothers*
Tether Ball - The Karpinka Brothers*
Love Charms (Mojo Bijou) - Buffy St. Marie*
Matters Most - ParabPoet*
Summer White - The Avulsions*
Sing To Me - Twin Voices*
Dream - Ride Til Dawn*
Out There in the Wild - Young Benjamins*
Bones - Young Benjamins*
By the Lake - Close Talker*
For the Sun - Close Talker*
Truey Bluey - The Garrys*
Shiny Things - Pack A.D.
Crazy - Pack A.D.
Translate - Suuns
Cry Baby - Waitress*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

So, hope to see you out and about at the various fun things that will be occurring!


Thursday, June 9, 2016

Middle of Nowhere

Oh hey!

So, another week. June 9, eh?

Today's was a bit of a mixed up pot o' goodness. A melee of upbeat, chill, introspective, and fun.

Got some goodies in the links for you. Hayden will be at the Broadway Theatre this coming fall, and CFCR is co-presenting the show as part of our FM-Phasis fundraising drive. How awesome is that?!

Playlist for June 9, 2016

Middle Of Nowhere - Hot Hot Heat
Emerald Lake, AB - Said The Whale
Courage - The Tragically Hip
Younger Days - Hooded Fang
Begin Again - Andy Shauf*
Devastating - Woodpigeon
Hey Love - Hayden
Flesh Without Blood - Grimes
Robots - Dan Mangan
Harriet - Hey Rosetta!
Neon Dad - Holy Fuck
Arena - Suuns
I Let You Dance - Economics*
Never Enough - Jessy Lanza
Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It - Stars
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
Deny, Deny, Deny - Joel Plaskett
Baby, We'd Be Rich - Old Man Luedecke
Yip Yip - Seahags*
Coax Me - Sloan
They Should Have Shut Down the Streets - A.C. Newman

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

So, don't forget all the awesome that is coming up next week with MoSoFest! Come on out.

Till a week from now,


Thursday, June 2, 2016

I Can't Speak

Oh, hi there!

Another week in community radio. It's already June!

This week's AGM was a good one. We celebrated some folks who have been instrumental to our long-term success as a station. This time around, Sigrid Kirmse, Jeff Lee, and Ron Spizziri were given lifetime memberships. Hats off to these dedicated community radio advocates! We also have some great new board members, and had many wonderful candidates in the running.

Today's show was a bit of a musical roller coaster - an energetic start, a super-chill set following, some electronic infusion, and a smattering of upbeat, poppy and rocky tunes. I always have fun compiling these playlists and seeing them take shape. Rhyme and reason aren't usually huge factors, just feelin' it.

I played some B.A. Johnston, who will be at Amigos this coming Saturday, along with some other awesome acts. That will be an entertaining show, without a doubt. Be sure to check out what other awesome is coming up in Saskatoon.

Synesth├ęsie - Malajube
Chotee - Bif Naked
Load Me Up - Matthew Good
Process of Progress - Public Animal
Everything Must Go! - The Weakerthans
Taste the Shame - B.A. Johnston
Jesus, She's A Good Girl - Andy Shauf*
Wreckless - Little Criminals*
Bye Bye Montreal - Amelia Curran
I Can't Speak - La Luz
Purple Heart - Imaginary Cities
Habitat - Austra
Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant cover) - Woodhands
Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy
Renegades -  Economics*
Coffee - Sylvan Esso
Bodies - We Were Lovers*
Cultured Man - The Zolas
Downtown - Whitehorse
Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Arcade Fire
Amerika - Wintersleep
Escape Artist - Library Voices*
Adventures in Solitude - New Pornographers

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Okay, dat's it for now...until June 9!