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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holidaze are here again...

Well, where in the crap did 2013 go? Anyone? This year seemed to zoom by at exponential speeds.

I just hosted on Monday, December 16, and was joined again by the likes of Jim Williams, a trainee host who will be joining the ranks on CFCR airwaves soon!

This was my last show of the year, and it was a fun one, especially with someone else's musical flair to join in! There was a few holiday gems sprinkled throughout the two-hour time slot. They'll be written in red below! Jim's picks will be in blue! :)

Also, this website has some wonderful holiday mixes that you can download -- for FREE! Who doesn't like free (and legal) music!?

Playlist for Monday, December 16

Little Ones - Kathryn Calder
Empty Sleigh...Where's Rudolph? - KASHKA
Silver Bells - Slow Down, Molasses*
City With No Children - Arcade Fire
You Are A Gift - Basia Bulat
Christmas All Over Again - The Wooden Sky
Green Trees Red Hearts - Nat Jay
Turn Up the Stereo - Delhi 2 Dublin
Fallout - Neon Indian
Adventures In Solitude - The New Pornographers
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Getcha Good - Jenn Grant
Last Christmas - In-Flight Safety featuring Carmen Townsend
Johnny Canuck - Ray Elliot Band
Let that Liar Alone - Rosie and the Riveters
Lay da Pipe - Supa G
Why did you come here? - Cam Penner
Gone to Bolivia - Ben Sures
Give it up, turn it loose - James Brown
Goin' Somewhere - Ross Neilson
Snow in New Orleans - Mike West
Soul Shake - Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson
Crazy Mama - Richard Manuel
Fairytale Of New York - In-Flight Safety
This Is The Year - Hilary Grist
Auld Lang Syne - Hilary Grist

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

Well, it's been a slice, 2013. I am eternally grateful for the time that I've been able to enjoy as a host, volunteer and member of this amazing community radio station. I am looking forward to what 2014 will bring, and having more musical fun in the new year.

Merry Holidays, and best wishes! :)



Thursday, December 5, 2013

Better late than never!


I am slackin'! The last couple weeks have been busy on every front, so I apologize for not having this up sooner.

Here's my playlist for November 18. Be back on December 16 with some holiday treats.

Goddess On the Prairie - Hot Hot Heat
Better Than Before - Scatterheart
I Am A Heart - Hey Ocean!
Electric Avenue (Eddy Grant cover) - Woodhands
Electric Feel - MGMT
Cover Your Tracks - Young Galaxy
Say You - Imaginary Cities
Laura Palmer's Prom - You Say Party!
In The Belly Of A Dragon - Jenn Grant
My Body (Two Door Cinema Club Remix) - Young the Giant
Parking Lot - Cannon Bros
Cloudy Shoes - Damien Jurado
Instant Karma (John Lennon Cover) - Cuff The Duke
Bravado - North Lakes
Heart's the Target - Milks and Rectangles
Die Young - The Danks
Amelia Earhart - The Inbreds
Schoolyard - Wintermitts
Devil's Got a Gun - Whitehorse
Summer Song - Treelines
Beverly Terrace - Sloan
Coffee Girl  - The Tragically Hip
Until the Night -  Hands & Teeth
Lightshow - Plants and Animals

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another day, another song

So many songs to share, stories to tell!

I filled in for Brendan again this past Thursday, November 14. My pal and CFCR colleague was just coronated with the title of "Saskatoon's Best Poet" in Planet S's Best of 2013  feature! This right off the heels of his trip to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, and a 3rd place overall nod with his team of fellow laureates. GO B-FLY! It's been a pleasure being your pinch hitter the past two Thursdays.

I was also joined by host-in-training Jim Williams again.This fellar has some fantastically eclectic taste in music, that I really dig. It's been cool teaching him the tools of the volunteer radio host trade.

Anyway, here's my playlist for November 14! (Jim's picks are in blue below.)

I won't try to break your heart - Crissi Cochrane
In perfect time - Jill Barber
Up and Down - The Mountains and the Trees
Pulling on a line - Great Lake Swimmers
A Thousand Suns - Hey Rosetta!
Road Regrets - Dan Mangan
Blues on a C Harp - Darlene and Company
Lonesome Mood - The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
Let it Lie - Brothers Landreth 
Get on the Bus - Delhi 2 Dublin
Til Da Mawnin - Andy Palacio
Birds Fly South - The Mastersons
Jimmy Dean - Lindi Ortega
No Kinda Dancer - Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis
Nibari, My Grandchild - Sofia Blanco
Garden Gnomes - Washboard Hank 
ESP - Hooded Fang
Sirens - Pack AD
Stay Here for a While - Paper Lions
O My Heart - Mother Mother
Crash Landing - Rae Spoon
Parkade (Nghtblnd Remix) - Rah Rah*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

See you for my own show on Monday, November 18!

xo, k

Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance, reflection

Today, I filled in for Janelle and Camille. Happy to help out my alternate hosts!

Today was also a day to remember. Sure, long weekends are nice, but this one is more than just some welcome statutory holiday. It's a day that we pause as Canadians to remember those who defended us. Veterans believed so passionately in their country, they gave everything they had - some giving their lives - to protect freedom. That should be respected and honoured.

In preparation for my show today, I wanted to have a "remembrance day" kind of song. I did a bit of research, and found this lovely song that was popular in the days during the World War II era, by Vera Lynn. I have a link to that song below. I got teary, for several reasons (one being that I am a sap), but I love its beauty and message.

Mary Meets the Pilot - Boxer the Horse
Red Quarter - PS I love you
Crack in the Head - Analog Bell Service
Michigan Left - The Arkells
Paper in your pocket - The Elwins
I will follow you into the dark - Amy Millan
What are they doing in heaven today? - The Be Good Tanyas
Who are you? - Kathryn Calder
Comme des enfants - Coeur de pirate
Lost in the Light - Bahamas
Always - Army Girls
Bodies of Fiction - Library Voices*
Bones - Young Benjamins*
Spring Romance - Bend Sinister
Sing - Blur
Cecilia Ann - The Pixies
Identity - Austra
Are you gonna waste my time? - Zeus
Hold on to the metal - Royal Canoe
Left and Leaving - The Weakerthans
We'll meet again - Vera Lynn
Back in the Fall - Zachary Lucky*
All the money I had is gone - Deep Dark Woods*
My moon, my man - Feist
Breathing underwater - Metric
Islands - We Were Lovers*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

See you on Thursday, as I fill in for Brendan one more time!

xo, Kath

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sundown, in the Paris of the Prairies...


So, this past week I hosted twice. I had my regular Monday Green Eggs and Ham show, and then filled in for Brendan on Thursday, who is at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word! Good luck, my poet-friend! :) I'll be filling in for him on November 14 as well.

I also had another awesome trainee in studio, Jim Williams. He seems really excited to learn and did some hosting up in Iqaluit before. He's got a great taste in music. I've highlighted his picks and the set he did below!

Here are my playlists from this past week:

Monday, November 4

Radio - Yukon Blonde
Underwhelmed - Sloan
Amour than Amis - Two Hours Traffic
Nothing is Anything (Without you) - Wintersleep
Theory of Relativity - Stars
Slimer - Cold Warps
Crazy - Pack A.D.
Ice Truck Killer - Mardeen
Wheat Kings - Tragically Hip
Battle of '77 - Sunparlour Players
21st Century Blues - Steve Earle**
Hang me, oh hang me - Deep Dark Woods*
Paloma - We Are Wolves
About as helpful as you can be without being any help at all - Dan Mangan
Mass Romantic - New Pornographers
Aside - The Weakerthans
Young and Lazy - The Matinee
A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett
Help I'm Alive - Metric
Nights of Wine and Roses - Japandroids
I don't know - Sheepdogs*
Cultured Man - The Zolas
You'll Improve Me (Junior Boys Remix) - Young Galaxy


Thursday, November 7

The Light Is You - Said the Whale
King of Kreuzberg - Shotgun Jimmie
Yip Yip - Seahags*
Tortoise and the Hare - Old Man Luedecke
Twigs and Stones - Siskiyou
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
Weight and Sea - The Provincial Archive
Hard Road - Sam Roberts
Empire - Rococode
Ledged up - Odonis Odonis
Mr. Pito - Oral Fuentes
Turn up the Radio - Delhi 2 Dublin
Sugar Cane - Mary Gauthier
She Just Wants to Dance - Ken Mo 
Deliver me - Blue Shadows
The Cheapest Key - Kathleen Edwards
Closer - Chic Gamine
He Don't Care About You - Michael Rault
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine - Death From Above 1979
Seven Seas Blues - Monster Truck
Chinatown - Destroyer
Love, Love, Love - The Organ
Simple Pleasures - David Myles
For the Best - Rose Cousins
He Brings Out The Whiskey in Me - Amy Millan

Also, thank you to anyone who donated or supported FM-Phasis 2013! We surpassed our fundraising goal of $70,000! Congrats, everyone involved! It's a pleasure to be on the airwaves. Actually, it Hz so good... ;)

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Trainin' Day

Hello CFCR-lovin' lovelies!

I made my return to the comfy airwaves of our beloved station yesterday - Monday October 21.

When I was in studio yesterday, I was joined by the likes of Matt Stinn, a local musician and budding CFCR host. He's just learning the ropes, or boards as it were, and has done a couple training sessions already! Yesterday he got to join me as I trained him on some tips and tricks. Once he finds his groove on-air, I think he'll be a great host as this guy's musical knowledge is both extensive and astounding!

I hosted for the first hour of the show, and Matt took the reigns during the second half.

Here is our combined playlist! (Purple for my half, red for Matt's!)

Changing Season - Sweet Thing
Younger Us - Japandroids
Keep your Balance - Violent Kin* 
Things Will Get Better - Bend Sinister
Classic - Shad and Skratch Bastid
Night Shift - economics*
Society - DVAs
Go Ego - Eight and a Half
Roll with the Punches - Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
Till the Sun Comes up - Tim Chaisson
Constellation - Forest City Lovers
Dig up the Dead - Mansions
Lost That Easy - Cold War Kids
Drink the Water - Eisley
The Leopard and the Lung - The Joy Formidable

Wide Eyes - Local Natives
Polish Girl - Neon Indian
Fineshrine - Purity Ring
Today We're Believers - Royal Canoe
Sleep Alone - Two Door Cinema Club
Baptisms - We Are the City
Oh the Boss is Coming - Arkells
Get Burned - Sleeping Agent

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

See you on November 4!

Monday, September 30, 2013

HZ so good! FM-Phasis 2013


Things have been busy at the hallowed halls of CFCR these days with our annual fundraising drive, FM-Phasis!

The official campaign ran from September 14-27 but we're still busy takin' names and pledges so if you love local radio and sweet-ass music, you should definitely pledge! (To my show... just sayin'! :) hehe) There's some amazing prizes available. Wanna know more? Find out here!

I hosted on September 16 and today, September 30.

Playlist for September 16

Cover Your Tracks - Young Galaxy
Bonfire - Close Talker*
Adventure in the Heart - Shotgun Jimmie
Hanks Horn Lunar Landing - The Wizards*
Are You Dead - Castle River*
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
Partners in Crime - We Were Lovers*
Lost in the Light - Bahamas
Silver Lining - Imaginary Cities
Getcha Good -Jenn Grant
Don't Think - Hollerado
Dreamer - Lightening Dust
Kasparov - Royal Canoe
Love Theme - Foggy Notions*
Too Late - Foam Lake*
Who Are You? - Kathryn Calder
River of Jordan - Seahags
Mind Crumb - Shotgun Jimmie
Public Taser - Shooting Guns
Breezy Day - Fjords
Late - Teen Daze

Playlist for September 30

True Hearts - Foam Lake*
If Raymond Carver Was Born in the '90s - Library Voices*
Synthetica - Metric
Sweetheart - Meisha and the Spanks
Raw Spectacle - Miracle Fortress
Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
When the Wind Wakes Me - Six Moons Later*
Of  Space and Time - City and Colour
Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
The Beat and the Pulse - Austra
Miles and Miles - Deep Dark Woods*
Salty Air - Zachary Lucky*
What Would I have to do - David Myles
Little Liars - Paper Lions
Omega Dog - The Dears
Romantic Rights - Death from Above 1979
Shadow Theatre - Papermaps
Let it Shine on Me - Kacy and Clayton*
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
Ghosts - Castle River*

*I had a LOT of local content in both of these shows, because we have a lot to celebrate here in Saskie!*

Also, if you like the idea of Saskatoon music, you should check out a great book by local writer extraordinaire Craig Silliphant. He wrote a book about local tunes, with contribution from some fellow writers (including me! woo!). Check out interviews here, and here and here!

October is on the way. I will be gone for a couple of weeks, but back on October 21!

xo, Kath

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FM-Phasis preview... and WHERE DID TIME GO!?

After a hiatus I returned to the airwaves of our beloved CFCR 90.5 FM yesterday - Monday September 9! It felt good to be back in the chair, listening to tunes and talking about bands and local goings on.

Coming up VERY soon for CFCR is its annual fundraising extravaganza, FM-Phasis! It is our annual fundraising drive, with sweet prizes, swag, and lots of other cool stuff up for grabs.  I will be posting some blergs about this endeavour in the very near future. And may I say, the FM-Phasis Fest line up is AWESOME!

Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy**
Give it a Rest - Bend Sinister
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
I am a Heart - Hey Ocean
Come on out - The Elwins
Mine - The Fjords*
Peace on the Rise - Chad VanGaalen
Pulling on a line - Great Lake Swimmers
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Bandages - Hey Rosetta!
Rejoice, Remain - Junior Pantherz*
Across a Crowded Room - Karpinka Brothers*/**
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Sick Muse - Metric
Insider Trading (On Outsider Art) - Library Voices*
Summer Sounds - Maylee Todd
Power of the People - Monster Truck
Don't Think - Hollerado
Islands - We Were Lovers*/**
Adventures in Solitude - New Pornographers
Niagara - Ohbijou
Up and Down - The Mountains and the Trees
Lost in the Light - Bahamas
Sound the Alarms - Immaculate Machine

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes FM-Phasis Fest artists.

See you soon! I will be hosting my show again this coming Monday, September 16!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Those summer nights.....

So, I'm bad. I HAVE BEEN SUPER SLACK at posting my playlists! I so sorry. I have a few to catch up on and I'm missing one completely, but will post it as soon as I can dig up the info. Promise!

Summer tends to be a busy time for me, it seems, as HELLO when did it become July 29?! Today is my momma's birthday! <3

So, here they are in chronological order!

Monday, June 17 - Sorry, I do not have that one at the moment. Soon!


Thursday, June 20 (Fillin' in for B-Fly!)

Radio - Yukon Blonde
Westside Streets - Deep Dark Woods*
I've Got Your Fire - Jenn Grant
Runaway Heart - Hilotrons
You Can't Serve to Masters - Ketamines
Power of the People - Monster Truck
Young and Lazy - The Matinee
Ghost - Folly and the Hunter
Sun - We are Wolves
Don't Think - Hollerado
Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
Gold - Wake Owl
I could go on Forever - Powder Blue
In kind - Braids
Indio - Matt Mays
Post-War Blues - Dan Mangan
Coax Me - Sloan
Appalchian Mountain Station - The Bicycles
Say Something - Dear Rouge
The Better Plan - Magneta Lane

Was outta town for July 1st!

Monday, July 15 

Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
Robotic - Hannah Georgas
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Crash and Burn - Bif Naked
City with No Children - Arcade Fire
Hold on When you Get Love, Let Go When you Give it - Stars (Longest title evarrr)
Shoreless Kid - Young Galaxy
Fire - Yukon Blonde
Dusty Road - Seahags*
Morningside - Woodpigeon
Territory - Two Hours Traffic
Some Party - Constantines
Lullaby Punches - The Superfantastics
You Will Know - The Inbreds
Through and Through and Through - Joel Plaskett
Do You Recall - Royal Wood
Oh My My  - Jill Barber
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Amy Millan
Wake Me Up At The Coast - Slow down, Molasses*
On the Run - Sam Roberts
A. Is For Animal  - Honheehonee
Why Don't You Believe Me? - Small Sins

Thursday, July 18 - Filling in for Brendan again! 
He was heading to Ness Creek...which gave me and idea... a mostly NESS-inspired show! 

By the Lake - Close Talker*
Bonfire - Close Talker*
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
Gimme Sympathy (cover) - Elliott BROOD
Bargain Shop Panties - Little Miss Higgins
Thin Disguise - Karpinka Brothers*
By Your Side - Karpinka Brothers*
The Rear Guard - Old Man Leudecke
The Tortoise and the Hare - Old Man Leudecke
Blackbird on Fire - Amelia Curran
Why Did You? - Sarah Farthing*
Loveless - Said the Whale
The Reason - Said the Whale
It Gets Old to Be Alone - The Wooden Sky
I Will Hook You Up - By Divine Right
Harmonic Steppenwolf - Shooting Guns*
Meet Me On the Prairie - Midnight Roses*
City Heads - Zombifyus (AKA MoonBahn)*
Night Shift - Economics*
Bumblebees - English Words
Knot in My Heart - The Zolas
Coeurs de Cimant - Mardi Noir
I Don't Like Sunny Days - Louise Burns

Green = Artists who graced the stage at Ness!

And last but not least---

Monday, July 29

Michigan Left - Arkells
Evil's Sway - Japandroids
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine - Death From Above 1979
Ghost Fever - The Balconies
Synesth├ęsie - Malajube
Good & Bad - No Gold
Hold on to the Metal - Royal Canoe
Resuscitate - Wintersleep
Your Hands (Together) - The New Pornographers
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Devil's Got a Gun - Whitehorse
Closer - Chic Gamine
Drunk as a Sailor - Oh Susanna
Drive All Night - Crissi Cochrane
Beautiful - Ben Caplan
Count On Me - Cuff The Duke
Nancy - The Deep Dark Woods*
Life's A Miracle - Wassabi Collective
Welcome - Hey Rosetta!
In Perfect Time - Jill Barber
A Soft Place To Land - Kathleen Edwards
Forevermore (Wah? Oh!) - Volcanoless In Canada*
Talk - Violent Kin*
Black Bells - Wax Mannequin
Young & Lazy - The Matinee
Bones - Young Benjamins*

A little mini-set dedicated to Jill Barber and Grant Lawrence who are just about to have a baby! <3

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

So there she be. I just can't believe how fast this summer is going by. I'm not sure if that just comes with age or what, but holy. I'm entering into my 32nd year on earth, and it's just crazy. I have been to the lake this summer, which beats my record from last summer already, so that's awesome.

In August, I will be away from the city on vacation, so my next show will be...September 9! Holy shamole!

Sendin' love and wishes for an awesome duration of the summer!



Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The year, she be half over!

I am in awe at how fast time can slip by! When did it become June? 

It's been a busy-esque month, and I'm slipping at posting my playlists. Forgive me!

I will be hosting two shows next week - in my own time slot, Monday 6-8am and on Thursday, June 20 from 6-8am as well, filling in for the ever-gallivanting Brendan Flaherty who is off to Sled Island, a huge music festival in Calgary. He better bring me back some presents! :) (Totally kidding, happy to help!)

Playlist for June 3, 2013

Nothing is Anything - Wintersleep
Travelling - Paper Lions
Strangers - Elephant Stone
Strong Hips - Fanshaw
When Brakes Get Wet - Julie Doiron
Chacun Pour toi - Marie-Pierre Arthur
Everybody Knows - Emily Rault (Michael Rault)
All the Stars - Rose Cousins
Northern Air - Elliot BROOD
Letter from an Occupant - New Pornographers
Sick Muse - Metric
Golden Baby - Coeur de Pirate
Shortie - Hannah Georgas
Run from Safety - Octoberman
Tortoise and the Hare - Old Man Luedecke
Devil's Got a Gun - Whitehorse
Parking Lot - Cannon Bros.*
Tosta Mista - Hooded Fang*
When I Write My Master's Thesis - John K. Samson*
Heavy Ceiling - Said the Whale
Nights of Wine and Roses - Japandroids
Where Have All the Good People Gone - Sam Roberts

*These artists will be at Mosofest this coming weekend!

See you on June 17!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Local love

May 6! The most beautiful day of the year so far. No really, it was 27 degrees! Above zero!

I actually had a rare Monday off yesterday, so I enjoyed the day with a long walk by the river, something I need to do a bit more often. I need to keep getting to know the city I have called home since April 2010.

Can't believe I've been here for three years!

Monday's set was dedicated to local SK homegrown goodness. We have such a wide array of talent from right here in our lovely land of the living skies. Half of my playlist was SK love.

Harmonic Steppenwolf - Shooting Guns*
I'm Not Talking - AC Newman
Go On Forever - Powder Blue*
A Mirror - Aidan Knight
There in the Wild - Young Benjamins*
Art and a Wife - Rah Rah*
Where have all the summers gone - Deep Dark Woods*
Everybody Wants to Be My Friend - Karpinka Brothers*
Standing in a Line - Shotgun Jimmie
Are you Dead? - Castle River*
Bodies - Slow down, molasses*
She don't give it up - Bend Sinister
Younger Days - Close Talker*
Grown-ups - Burning Hell
Lucky - Magneta Lane
Bouncing off the Bay - Bicycles
Hometown Hero - Andy Shauf*
Long Gone to Saskatchewan - Corb Lund
Make Some Noise - Minotaurs

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Till next time,

xo K

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You'd Never Survive the Winter (or SPRING!) in this Province

So, when I got ready to make my morning commute, I noticed a shocking discovery on my windshield. No, not a crack or anything... but a LAYER OF FROST!


Saskatchewanians are sick and tired of talking about the weather, and I am definitely one of them.

Bring on summer!!

Playlist for Earth Day, April 22, 2013

Everything Everything - Shotgun Jimmie
What to Say - Born Ruffians
This Tornado Loves You - Neko Case
Islands - We Were Lovers*
Mushaboom - Feist
7/4 Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
Synthetica - Metric
Skinny Boy - Amy Millan
To the Coast - Close Talker*
People of the Sticks - Besnard Lakes
Runaway Heart - Hilotrons
New Believers - Minotaurs
Marching Through Your Head - Zeus
Public Taser - Shooting Guns*
Fineshrine - Purity Ring
A.L.I.V.E. - Rich Aucoin
This Ladder is Ours - Joy Formidable
You'd Never Survive The Winters in this Province - Maybe Smith*
Bermuda Barber - Hawaiian Mafia*
Appalachian Mountain Station - Bicycles
Would That Not Be Nice - Divine Fits
Paper Girl - July Talk

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

He brings out the whiskey in me

Oh I love that Amy Millan song.

I digress.

On Thursday, April 11, I filled in for my pal Brendan Flaherty who decided to go off gallavanting. Haha, he's one of my favourite colleagues at this station, so I feel honoured to attempt to fill his shoes of awesomeness.

Today's show was a mixed bag of salad. I love constructing playlists!

Time Running - Seahags*
Littlest Birds - The Be Good Tanyas
Revelstoke Dam - Brasstronaut
Peace on The Rise - Chad VanGaalen
Six Dead Tigers - Yukon Blonde
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip
Ibuprofene - Malajube
Instant Karma (John Lennon Cover) - Cuff the Duke
Say You - Imaginary Cities
Yer Spring - Hey Rosetta!
He Brings out the Whiskey in me - Amy Millan
Golden Baby -  Coeur de Pirate
Lullaby Punches - The Superfantastics
Hang up on You - Cold Warps
Two-Time Loser - Deep Dark Woods*
I Don't Know - The Sheepdogs*
Light (Economics Remix) - Slow down, molasses*
Take Me to the Riot - Stars
When We Were Young - The Wooden Sky

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

The Seahags will be a part of a membership drive fundraising show tomorrow (April 12) at Amigos! If you're a Saskatonian who believes in community radio, you should come out to the show and sign up as a member. 

Deets on how to sign up ---- right here.

See ya on April 22!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April coldness brings... well it better bring something good!

Brrr.. Is it Spring yet? Technically, yes. Externally? NO. I just want sun and warmth. Is that too much to ask for?

Anyway, grumble. :)

If you're a local Saskatonian, and are a listener or supporter of the station and community radio, you should think about becoming a member!

CFCR is currently holding a membership drive, which helps us function as a station and give people some really sweet prizes and savings around town!

Check it for more info!

Here is this the slightly tardy playlist for Monday, April 8.

Bodies Of Fiction - Library Voices*
When The Storm Clears - The Karpinka Brothers*
One Shoe - Geoff Berner
Baby I'm Yours (ft. Shad) - Cadence Weapon
In your body -Ariane Moffatt
Closer - Chic Gamine
Blackbird On Fire - Amelia Curran
In Perfect Time - Jill Barber
Of Space And Time - City and Colour
You Can Dance - Rae Spoon
Steal This Sound - Constantines
No Can Do - Ladyhawk
Post-War Blues - Dan Mangan
Young & Lazy - The Matinee
Easy Come Easy Go - Great Lake Swimmers
I Don't Need No Help Gettin Down - Michael Rault
Amour Than Amis - Two Hours Traffic
Prairie Girl  - Rah Rah*
Heart's the Target - Milks and Rectangles
Reaction - Acres Of Lions
How Does It Feel? - Zeus
Cultured Man - The Zolas
Where Have All the Good People Gone? - Sam Roberts

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

I'm filling in for the renowned Brendan Flaherty tomorrow (April 11) so you'll be hearing from me very soon!

xo K

Monday, March 25, 2013

March Madness

You know that feeling when you are restless for no reason? Your thoughts are racing quicker than you can get them out of your head, but when you attempt to do so, they make little sense?

Maybe it's just me? 

Anyhoodle, it's officially spring around these parts but you'd never know it, at least not yet. I am ready for some real vitamin D, some walking, some biking, and getting rid of the late winter/early spring blahs! 

One thing that always helps things? MUSIC! 

Here's my randomly inspired playlist for today. I had a couple of sweet n' lively hiphop songs, a la Shad and Cadence Weapon. I also played some DFA 1979 which I referred to as a jolt of musical caffeine, which I wholeheartedly believe. 

I also made sure to feature a couple of upcoming acts during my show today! Links are below. 

Sea Dreamer - Wildlife
(Into The) Atmosphere - Dusted
Some People - Dan Mangan
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine - Death From Above 1979
The Nights of Wine and Roses - Japandroids
Sound The Alarms - Immaculate Machine
Intentions Alone - The Olympic Symphonium
Territory - Two Hours Traffic
By Morning - Ghostkeeper
Guilt Trips Sink Ships Shout Out Out Out Out
it aint over - Shad
Crash Course For The Ravers - Cadence Weapon
Los Banditos - The Fjords*
The Hair Song - Black Mountain
Youth Is Wasted On The Young - Young Galaxy
Blue Eyes - Violent Kin*
Letter from an Occupant - The New Pornographers
The Good In Everyone - Sloan
Little Liar - Paper Lions
The Rear Guard - Old Man Luedecke
Across The Ocean - Zachary Lucky*
The Theory of Relativity - Stars

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists 


Close Talker is in the quarter finals of the aforementioned CBC Music contest

Vote here!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Close Talkin' Searchlight

So, a few weeks back I wrote a post about this cool contest CBC Music is hosting called Searchlight.

It's a chance for a band to win 20 grand worth of gear and have the opportunity to perform at CBC Music's inaugural festival on May 25 in Toronto!

A Saskatoon-based band called Close Talker, which I had increasingly heard whisperings of since the beginning of the year, is doing quite well in this competition, and are currently in the top 16! Wouldn't it be great if this well-minted four-piece progressed through, and TOOK this competition by storm? 

Plus I totally love their name. 

You can take a listen to their sweet tunage here, and vote for them in the Searchlight competition here, until Sunday March 24.  

Support local music, Saskatonians, any way you can!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Monday Funday

Today, I just tried to keep things high energy! I was riding the high from participating in CFCR's 2nd Annual International Women's Day Celebrations this past Friday, March 8. On a goof I was asked to be a model. Words I never thought would be uttered from my mouth - but here they are. I have discovered some really cool people, interesting obsession-inducing clothing and jewelry shops, and got to live grrl power. I also wore half-inch fake eyelashes (no, srsly), thanks to a fantastic makeup artist. Not bad for a Friday night!

My playlist incorporated some fine lady artists today, including our local tarts, The Seahags, two of which were in the fashion show as well!

Tick Tock Tick - Scatterheart
Kill Count - The Balconies
Achilles' Desire - Whitehorse
Rome - Dog Day
Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin - Elephant Stone
Come on Out - The Elwins
Hold onto something - Parlovr
Time Running - Seahags*
Drop Names, Not Bombs - Louise Burns
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Shortie - Hannah Georgas
Stamp - Rural Alberta Advantage
Caught in a Loop - Royal Canoe
Five Years - Born Ruffians (David Bowie Tribute)
Mary Meets the Horse - Boxer the Horse
Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix) - Rah Rah*
A.L.I.V.E. - Rich Aucoin
If it Feels Good, Do it - Sloan
Harmonic Steppenwolf - Shooting Guns*
Shiny Things - Pack A.D.
Synesth├ęsie - Malajube

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

I also featured a few acts that will be gracing the stages of Saskatoon venues in the next few weeks. To celebrate (or maybe rockingly commemorate - yes I just made up a word!) the Ides of March, four punk powerhouses will storm the stage at Amigos this coming Friday, March 15. Shooting Guns (aka my new musical crush) are f'in wicked and so are the rest, if you're into that type of thang. Born Ruffians and the Elwins also be at Amigos in two weeks, on March 24.

That's it for now, guys!

xo, k

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waaaake up, Saskatoon!

Today, I played some upbeat tunes with a splash of hometown goodness and a dash of randomness. The randomness comes natural as randomness can... but I made a concerted effort to play some upbeat songs early to help coax myself listeners out of slumber with some energetic dance-y tunes! Hope it worked!

Brother Down - Sam Roberts
One Shot - Bend Sinister
Heavy Ceiling - Said the Whale
Forevermore (Wah? Oh!)  - Volcanoless In Canada*
Michigan Left - Arkells
Ghosts - Castle River*
Why Don't You Believe Me? - Small Sins
Questions - DVAS
How Bizarre (OMC cover) - CFCF
Live Forever - Shad & Dallas
Islands - We Were Lovers*
Black and White Mountains - Snowblink
Downtown - Erin Passmore*
Sins of My Father - Zachary Lucky*
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
Laura Palmer's Prom  - You Say Party!
True Heart - Foam Lake*
Are You Gonna' Waste My Time - Zeus
Brand New Ocean - Jeffery Straker*
Constellation - Forest City Lovers
Fire - Yukon Blonde
Road Regrets - Dan Mangan

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

A few notes from today's show:
  • I played a cover of a song that came out in 1995. I remember it well. It's called How Bizarre. Sweet heavens, I'm old. 
  • I played Jeffrey Straker, an artist from Punnichy, Saskatchewan. At first listen to his music, I felt a bit of an Elton John-esque vibe. Turns out I'm not the only one! I love the strong piano in his songs.
  • I love the Shad and Dallas song. It's a beautiful blend of two bloody talented artists. I love them both for their craft, and adore this collaboration. Take a listen, if ya'd like (via tumblr).
  • If you're in Saskatoon on Friday, go see Zachary Lucky and Saskatoon's favourite bro duo, the K-Bros at the Bassment. If you love acoustic awesomeness and fantastic stage presence, do it up!

Therr she be for another couple weeks.  

much love, 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Searchlight by CBC Music

So, often in life you hear the term: money doesn't grown on trees. This is a phrase that could easily be uttered by hard-touring, road-rambling musicians tirelessly working to make a name for themselves. Their endeavours are often self-funded, which includes everything from instruments (nahh, really?) to recording, touring, gas, food, and the list can last on for hours.

Starting a band is often a project borne out of one thing: the love of music. Fans come when musicians are emboldened to share their innermost thoughts set to music with others. Those first several steps can be the most terrifying, yet gratifying moments of a band's life.

CBC Music is hosting a contest for "new" bands. The chance to win $20,000 in gear would be a gift from the musical gods. Closing date to enter is this Thursday, fittingly February 14, a day loved is shared all over the world! More info on this fantastic opportunity is available here.

I created a playlist of some sweet "new" Saskatoon bands I think would be very deserving of this prize.

Good luck!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I try to have themes throughout my show, whether it has to do with music genre, tempo, regions, a certain holiday. Sometimes my music is random, but most times, I attempt to carefully craft a (hopefully) exciting batch of tunes.

I first try to vary things quite a bit, and try to ensure I listen to all the songs and plot out my show and try to build sets that are loosely related. (I have an awesome time doing this, btw!)

Today for example, I had a myriad of mini-sets. Like a husband and wife (Jen Lane and John Antoniuk), a Saskatoon set, a rockin' set, a folky set, a cover set, a poppy set, and a sappy music set (AKA a couple of mushy songs I can't help but love, perhaps in celebration of Hallmark Valentine's Day).

I've given away all my secrets.What do I do now?

So, without further delay, my playlist for February 11!

Strange Animal (Gowan Cover) - The Acorn
I will follow you into the Dark  (Death Cab for Cutie cover) - Amy Millan
Little River - Daniel Ledwell
Easy Come, Easy Go - Great Lake Swimmers
Beautiful - Ben Caplan
The Girl - City and Colour
Safe and Sound - Hawksley Workman
My Denial in Argyle - Woodpigeon
Leap Year - Christine Fellows
Black Bells - Wax Mannequin
The Lonely Cricket - Jen Lane*
Last Day of the Year - John Antoniuk*
Nancy - Deep Dark Woods*
Fossils - Carbon Dating Service*
La Petite Mort - Coeur de Pirate
Romantic Rights - Death from Above 1979
Red Action - Indian Handcrafts
Switched At Death - Vulture Kult*/**
Serious Bedtime - The Balconies
Blood - Dears
Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids
Put Me On - Diamond Rings
Shoreless Kid - Young Galaxy
I Don't Get By - The Sheepdogs* (Bonus tidbit..Learn and Burn was certified PLATINUM last Tuesday! Goo Sheepies!)

Till February 25! <3

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists
**Denotes requested songs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloggin' from the deep (freeze)

Hi from Siberia  Saskatchewan! (It's actually "warmed" up since last week's -45 temps..)

Well, I'm a tad late posting my playlist for January 28, but better late than never!

Mind Crumb - Shotgun Jimmie
All my Days - The Gossip
Seven AM - Constantines
Jump in the Pool - Friendly Fires
Things Will Get Better - Bend Sinister
The Young Ones Slept - Great Bloomers
Shortie - Hannah Georgas
Jolene - Hey Ocean!
Breezy Day - The Fjords*
ESP - Hooded Fang
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
Cruise Control - The Inbreds
Lonely Sunday - Jordan Cook*
Tether Ball - The Karpinka Brothers*
Night Shift - Economics*
We Work Better - The Provincial Archive
In Came the Flood - Wintersleep
Hold on When You Get Love, Let go when you give it - Stars
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers
Up and Down - The Mountains and the Trees
Time Running - Seahags*
Small Town Streets - Zachary Lucky*
Feathers - Slow down, molasses*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

Wow, lots of SK love this time around. I tend to dabble in it every show, as I think it's important to rep our province!

Till next time!

<3 K

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saskatoon at Midnight

Oddly enough, I'm writing this at midnight, in Saskatoon. It's the name of one of the songs I chose to share for my show on January 14. It was my first show back since 2012, and it was wonderful to rock out to some tunes.

You'll notice my list is almost entirely Canadian. Though I listen to an array of artists from genre to genre, I really enjoy the Canadian scene. There's so much talent here.

Wherever I've gone, I've always been a fan of local music and supporting the local scene.

Though I sometimes (okay most times) feel like a relative n00b to Saskatoon, I've fallen in love with its varied yet incredibly cohesive music scene. Whether it's instrumental psychedelic punk amazingness (Shooting Guns who I finally saw perform this weekend at LUGO), or folk-infused brotherly love like the Karpinka Brothers, there's some hella talented, supportive and dedicated musicians 'round hurr.

I also find it fascinating that there's a great deal of songs existing out there about this fine metropolis. The aforementioned tune, song by The Guess Who, PS I LOVE YOU, hell, even the late legend Johnny Cash. Must be its beauty, maybe its people. This prairie town has cast a spell.

Anyway, here is my playlist for Monday, January 14, 2013!

Aside - The Weakerthans
Paper In Your Pocket - The Elwins
Out Like a Lion - Whitehorse
Little Poems - Rah Rah*
Haunted - Grey Kingdom
All The Stars - Rose Cousins
postcard - jeans boots*
Gimme Sympathy (Metric Cover) - Elliott BROOD
Evil's Sway - Japandroids
Seven Seas Blues - Monster Truck
Harmonic Steppenwolf  - Shooting Guns*
Die Young - The Danks
Bury Your Secrets - Violent Kin*
I Guess - Analog Bell Service
Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC**
Belize - Blue Hawaii
Spirit in the Sky - Evening Hymns
Believe - Moneen
Chrome Eyelids - Boats
A Good Name - Shad
Simple Pleasures (Classified Mix) - David Myles
Saskatoon at Midnight - Wintermitts
The Canadian Dream - Sam Roberts
Michigan Left - Arkells

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes requested songs

Till January 28!