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Monday, July 29, 2013

Those summer nights.....

So, I'm bad. I HAVE BEEN SUPER SLACK at posting my playlists! I so sorry. I have a few to catch up on and I'm missing one completely, but will post it as soon as I can dig up the info. Promise!

Summer tends to be a busy time for me, it seems, as HELLO when did it become July 29?! Today is my momma's birthday! <3

So, here they are in chronological order!

Monday, June 17 - Sorry, I do not have that one at the moment. Soon!


Thursday, June 20 (Fillin' in for B-Fly!)

Radio - Yukon Blonde
Westside Streets - Deep Dark Woods*
I've Got Your Fire - Jenn Grant
Runaway Heart - Hilotrons
You Can't Serve to Masters - Ketamines
Power of the People - Monster Truck
Young and Lazy - The Matinee
Ghost - Folly and the Hunter
Sun - We are Wolves
Don't Think - Hollerado
Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
Gold - Wake Owl
I could go on Forever - Powder Blue
In kind - Braids
Indio - Matt Mays
Post-War Blues - Dan Mangan
Coax Me - Sloan
Appalchian Mountain Station - The Bicycles
Say Something - Dear Rouge
The Better Plan - Magneta Lane

Was outta town for July 1st!

Monday, July 15 

Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
Robotic - Hannah Georgas
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Crash and Burn - Bif Naked
City with No Children - Arcade Fire
Hold on When you Get Love, Let Go When you Give it - Stars (Longest title evarrr)
Shoreless Kid - Young Galaxy
Fire - Yukon Blonde
Dusty Road - Seahags*
Morningside - Woodpigeon
Territory - Two Hours Traffic
Some Party - Constantines
Lullaby Punches - The Superfantastics
You Will Know - The Inbreds
Through and Through and Through - Joel Plaskett
Do You Recall - Royal Wood
Oh My My  - Jill Barber
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Amy Millan
Wake Me Up At The Coast - Slow down, Molasses*
On the Run - Sam Roberts
A. Is For Animal  - Honheehonee
Why Don't You Believe Me? - Small Sins

Thursday, July 18 - Filling in for Brendan again! 
He was heading to Ness Creek...which gave me and idea... a mostly NESS-inspired show! 

By the Lake - Close Talker*
Bonfire - Close Talker*
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
Gimme Sympathy (cover) - Elliott BROOD
Bargain Shop Panties - Little Miss Higgins
Thin Disguise - Karpinka Brothers*
By Your Side - Karpinka Brothers*
The Rear Guard - Old Man Leudecke
The Tortoise and the Hare - Old Man Leudecke
Blackbird on Fire - Amelia Curran
Why Did You? - Sarah Farthing*
Loveless - Said the Whale
The Reason - Said the Whale
It Gets Old to Be Alone - The Wooden Sky
I Will Hook You Up - By Divine Right
Harmonic Steppenwolf - Shooting Guns*
Meet Me On the Prairie - Midnight Roses*
City Heads - Zombifyus (AKA MoonBahn)*
Night Shift - Economics*
Bumblebees - English Words
Knot in My Heart - The Zolas
Coeurs de Cimant - Mardi Noir
I Don't Like Sunny Days - Louise Burns

Green = Artists who graced the stage at Ness!

And last but not least---

Monday, July 29

Michigan Left - Arkells
Evil's Sway - Japandroids
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine - Death From Above 1979
Ghost Fever - The Balconies
Synesth├ęsie - Malajube
Good & Bad - No Gold
Hold on to the Metal - Royal Canoe
Resuscitate - Wintersleep
Your Hands (Together) - The New Pornographers
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Devil's Got a Gun - Whitehorse
Closer - Chic Gamine
Drunk as a Sailor - Oh Susanna
Drive All Night - Crissi Cochrane
Beautiful - Ben Caplan
Count On Me - Cuff The Duke
Nancy - The Deep Dark Woods*
Life's A Miracle - Wassabi Collective
Welcome - Hey Rosetta!
In Perfect Time - Jill Barber
A Soft Place To Land - Kathleen Edwards
Forevermore (Wah? Oh!) - Volcanoless In Canada*
Talk - Violent Kin*
Black Bells - Wax Mannequin
Young & Lazy - The Matinee
Bones - Young Benjamins*

A little mini-set dedicated to Jill Barber and Grant Lawrence who are just about to have a baby! <3

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

So there she be. I just can't believe how fast this summer is going by. I'm not sure if that just comes with age or what, but holy. I'm entering into my 32nd year on earth, and it's just crazy. I have been to the lake this summer, which beats my record from last summer already, so that's awesome.

In August, I will be away from the city on vacation, so my next show will be...September 9! Holy shamole!

Sendin' love and wishes for an awesome duration of the summer!



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