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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep Swingin'

Oh, hey!

It's been way too long! The last time I hosted was October 15. Which was a mere 15 days ago, but a long 15 days ago. Happy to be back in the hosting chair for a bit today.

The week before last, I was away, and between travelling and everything I caught a cold somewhere in there and I literally had no voice! I was only starting to get it back last week, so didn't want to subject listeners to my squeaks and squawks. haha. Even now, I'm still a bit raspy, but much better than I was before. Anyway...haha.

Playlist for Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keep Swingin' - Sloan
My Friends - Paper Lions
Mixtapes - Friends of Foes*
Marry me, Archie - Alvvays
All I've Ever Known - Bahamas
Intoxicated - High Ends
Black and Blue - The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer
Tribe of Fire - Bass Invaders*
Trainwreck 1979 - Death From Above 1979
Miss my Friends - Zeus
Our Hearts Were Young - The Wooden Sky
Field Song - Mo Kenney
Crowd - In-flight Safety
Provincial Parks - Oh Susanna
Hope Slide - Dream Country*
Brill Brusiers - The New Pornographers
Our Love - Caribou
Choisis tes mots - economics featuring. Anne-Marie Wheeler*
Hot Tonight - Tokyo Police Club
Maybe You Can Find it In Your Heart - Danny Michel
A Thousand Suns - Hey Rosetta!

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Alrighty, talk to you next week!



Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Standing On the Edge

Well, hello there! I'm here a day earlier than usual, and won't be here for my regular show tomorrow? What is happening with the world?

Well, I filled in for my fellow host Britty today, and was happy to be able to help out. I am feeling a bit under the weather, and I had a bit a late-ish night, but it was worth it because I saw SLOAN last night. They are magical, and have been since I discovered them at around the ripe age of....14 or so? They've been around since 1991 -- that's 19 years of rocking. So. freaking. GOOD!

Anyway, I'll be back in my regular slot next Thursday. :)

Playlist for Wednesday, October 15, 2014:

Ends of the Earth - Hot Chip
Beat and the Pulse - Austra
Run - Powder Blue*
Damned - Hilary Grist
Starting All Over Again - The Sadies
Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip
Rolling Numbers - The Slim City Pickers*
Sweet Victoria - Andy Shauf*
Standing on the Edge - Cuff the Duke
Furr - Blitzen Trapper
Hold onto the Metal - Royal Canoe
The Hair Song - Black Mountain
Losing California - Sloan!!
Hard Road - Sam Roberts
Our Love... - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Nebula - The Browntones*
Light (Economics remix) - Slow down, molasses*
Wait up for you - The Belle Game
Mary Meets the Pilot - Boxer the Horse
Nothing Is Anything - Wintersleep
27 is the new 17 - Zeus
Come to Light - Arkells
Hot Tonight - Tokyo Police Club
Magic - Two Hours Traffic

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

See ya next week!



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Steal this Sound

Happy Thursday!  I am always happy and it is always a jolt of awesomeness and musical coffee to come share some tunes every Thursday. I won't be here next week, and I shall miss being on the airwaves. But, with the many amazing hosts we have here at CFCR, I know listeners' ears will be in good hands. Not literally, but you get my gist I'm sure... Moving on...

I need to say a resounding thank you to those who have supported my CFCR fundraising this year.


As previously mentioned, I am no sales gal! This year, I just asked some of those I knew who love the station, and they generously gave. I am currently at $909, which is about $91 short of my personal goal, but that's A-okay. I am elated! Funny what happens when you ask for what you'd like! :)

It means so much to me, as does this station. I am so thankful for it every day, and how it has impacted and shaped my life here in Saskatoon thus far. ♥♪ What is wonderful about community radio is that it is so many things to so many people, thanks to our varied programming.

If you are reading this, and still want to donate, you still can until the end of October 31. by heading to fmphasis.ca. Much love!

Playlist for October 9, 2014:

Shadow Of Love - Sloan
The Good In Everyone - Sloan
Time Running - Seahags*
Baby, We'd Be Rich - Old Man Luedecke
Write It All Down for You - Elliott Brood
Made for Rain - Good Lovelies
Heavy Moon - Elephant Stone
Steal this Sound - Constantines
Wind Blows - Yukon Blonde
You In Your Were - Kevin Drew
Graceless  - The National
Roll with the Punches - The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Everything Wrong - Martha Wainwright
The Key - Crissi Cochrane
Tall Tall Shadow - Basia Bulat
Reunion - Stars
Saskatoon at Midnight - Snowblink
Beaches - Rah Rah*
Miss My Friends - Zeus
Karate Man - The Super Friendz
I’ll Be Loving You - The King Khan & BBQ Show
Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
King James Rag - Jason Collett
Crying - The Sheepdogs*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

Well, see you in a couple weeks, on October 23! Have a great one. 



Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Day We Hit the Coast

'Ello 'Ello, pals!

Well, it's Thursday October 2nd. Wheeere'd that come from? It's chilly today.

So, another FM-Phasis show under my belt, woo! It's been a great couple weeks and we're working towards our goal of $70,000! Just over halfway there, and there's always a big push in the last few days. Still lots of cool stuff you can get for donating.

My personal goal is $1000, and I'm a good chunk of the way there! I just need a few more donations to make it. So if you're feeling particularly generous, I'd kindly encourage you to go to fmphasis.ca and donate to my show! (Thursday 6-8 Green Eggs and Ham, if ya didn't know, haha.) I really love this station a whole bunch, so it would mean the world to me. 

Playlist for October 2, 2014: 

Automatic Ammunition - Public Animal
Anibis - Tricky Woo
Asleep on the Bus -  Bestie
Seven AM - Constantines
Ghostwriters - Paper Lions
When the City Lights Dim - Cold Specks
Bruised Ghosts - Amy Millan
Live and Die - Avett Brothers
The Day We Hit the Coast (Thrush Hermit cover) - Emm Gryner
Afterlife - Arcade Fire
Los Banditos - The Fjords*
Synesth├ęsie - Malajube
One Shot - Bend Sinister
Michigan Left - Arkells
Waves - Bahamas
Saint-Laurent - Coeur de Pirate
Windsor Hum - Library Voices*
Won't Take Long - Foggy Notions*
Permanent Hesitation - Born Ruffians

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

There's a couple of shows this coming weekend to end off our fundraiser - tomorrow  at Vangelis and Saturday at Amigos! Both are $5, and guaranteed to be a great time. Hope to see you out! 

'Til next time!