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Monday, September 21, 2015

New Orbit

Another great week, another awesome show. Another song title for a blog title!

So, at this time, we're into FM-Phasis! Every night until October 2, we're open 9 am to 9 pm to take pledges!

If you can't come visit, you can go to fmphasis.ca and donate there.

If you're a fan of my show - first of all, THANK YOU! I have a really great time doing it, and I feel fortunate every week to share tunes and talk about this awesome station and great music.

Second of all, if you contribute to my show, I will very much appreciate it, and you will help me reach my goal of $1000!

Playlist for September 17, 2015

Brill Bruisers - The New Pornographers
No One Is Lost - Stars
Synesthésie - Malajube
Say You - Imaginary Cities
Yer Fall - Hey Rosetta!
True Hearts - Foam Lake*
New Orbit - The Moas*
My Friend - Paper Lions
Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix) - Rah Rah*
Dream Invader - We Were Lovers*
night shift - economics*
Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E. - Rich Aucoin
Crash Landing - Rae Spoon
This City's A Mess - Said The Whale
If It Feels Good Do It - Sloan
Magic - Two Hours Traffic
You Can Count On Me - Karpinka Brothers*
Aside - The Weakerthans
Peace On the Rise - Chad VanGaalen

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Okay, see you on September 24! :)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Brightest on the Heart

Hi hi hi!

Today was a lovely day in community radio! Sunny skies, lots of cool new-to-me tunes, and the promise of fun FM-Phasis times in the very near future. Woo hoo!

Some interesting points about the artists today are linked in this ol' blog.

The K-Bros have just set out on their fall tour - coast to coast and even some shows in New York.   Go Bros! Check out their video for Tether Ball, featuring some local actors and the iconic Amigos Cantina.:)

Playlist for September 10, 2015

What Arrows - Hey Rosetta!
This is Good - Hannah Georgas
My Favourite Book - Stars
Radio - Yukon Blonde
Who Said Dreams Don't Come True - Karpinka Brothers*
All I've Ever Known - Bahamas
Too Bad, So Sad - Michael Rault
Broke - Joel Plaskett
Like a River - My Morning Jacket
Fools Rush In - Faith Healer
Hopelessly Lost - Dumb Angel*
When the City Settles - Good Lovelies
Shining Star - The Elwins
I don't want to Break Your Heart - Coeur de pirate
Blue is the Rain - Aqua Alta
Wouldn't - Paper Beat Scissors
A Special Pride - Hawksley Workman
Avalanche - Kalle Mattson
Brightest On the Heart - Old Man Luedecke
Hotel Knife - Limblifter

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Well, see you on September 17!

Take care,


Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oceans Brawl

My oh my. It's September! Wowza.

Today's show was a super fun one - who I am kidding, hanging out at CFCR is always a great time. Played a couple older fun tunes, and a few new-to-me ones too.

My ever-loving cousin who always tunes to my show in from PEI told me about the beautiful song by Imaginary Cities called Purple Heart. I love it for its name alone! The video for it is pretty as well.

I have some cool links to share below as well, including some info about the Polaris Music Prize. Alvvays is shortlisted for this year's award. There was a great Polaris Panel and chat the other day, hosted by SaskMusic and taking place at the awesome Prairie Sun Brewery. Also... I am already obsessed with Coeur de pirate's beautiful new album, just released last week. A great showcase of her talent with this bilingual collection of tunes.

Playlist for September 3, 2015

Drinking Games - Library Voices*
From the Night - Stars
Raw Spectacle - Miracle Fortress
Late - The Moas*
The Agency Group - Alvvays
Left and Leaving - The Weakerthans
Coax Me - Sloan
I Will Follow You Into the Dark - Amy Milan
Instant Karma - Cuff the Duke
Nebula - The Browntones*
Come to Light - The Arkells
Questions - DVAs
If this Dance Catches On - Mounties
Sound the Alarms - Immaculate Machine
The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids
Omega Dog - The Dears
Oceans Brawl - Coeur de pirate
When You Still - Paper Beat Scissors
Purple Heart - Imaginary Cities

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

Well, that's it for this week... keep your eye out for FM-Phasis fun on the horizon!

Take care,


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Knot in My Heart

Oh, hey!

A tad behind posting these lists. Oh summer -- you were splendid, busy and zoomed by so fast. I know it's officially still summer until September 22, but the return of back to school always makes the beginning of the month feel like fall is here, even if the weather is nice.

Both weeks I kinda really mixed up my tempos quite a bit. I realize now that I repeated a few artists, but that just means I like them, right?!

Check out the links for information, like upcoming shows, cool articles, and other tidbits.

Will be back on September 3 for the 6-8 am helping of Thursday's Green Eggs and Ham!

Playlist for August 27, 2015

Write It All Down for You - Elliott BROOD
Miles and Miles - The Deep Dark Woods*
A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett Emergency
Niagara - Ohbijou
Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers
Antimatters Of The Heart - Library Voices*
Dancehall Domine - The New Pornographers
Man of Faith and Virtue - Bend Sinister
Los Banditos - The Fjords*
Fall for You - Young Galaxy
Islands - We Were Lovers*
Verseau - Cœur de pirate
Amour Than Amis - Two Hours Traffic
Knot In My Heart - The Zolas
Permanent Hesitation - Born Ruffians
I Wanna Love You - Michael Rault
Tosta Mista - Hooded Fang
A Thousand Suns - Hey Rosetta!
Chasing The Sunset - Imaginary Cities
Fantasize - Hannah Georgas
Sunfire Drug Haus - The Radiation Flowers*

Playlist for August 20, 2015

We've Got It - We Were Lovers* 
Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy
Laura Palmer's Prom - You Say Party!
Lion Head - Grand Analog
After Dark - Economics*
The Mighty Birch - PandaCorn*
Summer Sun - Slow Down, Molasses*
Swift Coin - Land of Talk
To the Coast - Close Talker*
Wanted, Needed, Loved - Dumb Angel*
Intentions Alone - The Olympic Symphonium
Baby, We'd Be Rich - Old Man Luedecke
AM Blues - Bry Webb
September Fields (Indian Ocean) - Frazey Ford
Sirens - The Pack A.D.
Our Love... - The Rural Alberta Advantage
Young Lions - Constantines
You've Got A Lot on Your Mind - Sloan
Robots - Dan Mangan
Champions of Red Wine - The New Pornographers
Waiting Game - Hannah Georgas

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

See you on Thursday!

Take care,