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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Waaaake up, Saskatoon!

Today, I played some upbeat tunes with a splash of hometown goodness and a dash of randomness. The randomness comes natural as randomness can... but I made a concerted effort to play some upbeat songs early to help coax myself listeners out of slumber with some energetic dance-y tunes! Hope it worked!

Brother Down - Sam Roberts
One Shot - Bend Sinister
Heavy Ceiling - Said the Whale
Forevermore (Wah? Oh!)  - Volcanoless In Canada*
Michigan Left - Arkells
Ghosts - Castle River*
Why Don't You Believe Me? - Small Sins
Questions - DVAS
How Bizarre (OMC cover) - CFCF
Live Forever - Shad & Dallas
Islands - We Were Lovers*
Black and White Mountains - Snowblink
Downtown - Erin Passmore*
Sins of My Father - Zachary Lucky*
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
Laura Palmer's Prom  - You Say Party!
True Heart - Foam Lake*
Are You Gonna' Waste My Time - Zeus
Brand New Ocean - Jeffery Straker*
Constellation - Forest City Lovers
Fire - Yukon Blonde
Road Regrets - Dan Mangan

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

A few notes from today's show:
  • I played a cover of a song that came out in 1995. I remember it well. It's called How Bizarre. Sweet heavens, I'm old. 
  • I played Jeffrey Straker, an artist from Punnichy, Saskatchewan. At first listen to his music, I felt a bit of an Elton John-esque vibe. Turns out I'm not the only one! I love the strong piano in his songs.
  • I love the Shad and Dallas song. It's a beautiful blend of two bloody talented artists. I love them both for their craft, and adore this collaboration. Take a listen, if ya'd like (via tumblr).
  • If you're in Saskatoon on Friday, go see Zachary Lucky and Saskatoon's favourite bro duo, the K-Bros at the Bassment. If you love acoustic awesomeness and fantastic stage presence, do it up!

Therr she be for another couple weeks.  

much love, 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Searchlight by CBC Music

So, often in life you hear the term: money doesn't grown on trees. This is a phrase that could easily be uttered by hard-touring, road-rambling musicians tirelessly working to make a name for themselves. Their endeavours are often self-funded, which includes everything from instruments (nahh, really?) to recording, touring, gas, food, and the list can last on for hours.

Starting a band is often a project borne out of one thing: the love of music. Fans come when musicians are emboldened to share their innermost thoughts set to music with others. Those first several steps can be the most terrifying, yet gratifying moments of a band's life.

CBC Music is hosting a contest for "new" bands. The chance to win $20,000 in gear would be a gift from the musical gods. Closing date to enter is this Thursday, fittingly February 14, a day loved is shared all over the world! More info on this fantastic opportunity is available here.

I created a playlist of some sweet "new" Saskatoon bands I think would be very deserving of this prize.

Good luck!

Monday, February 11, 2013


I try to have themes throughout my show, whether it has to do with music genre, tempo, regions, a certain holiday. Sometimes my music is random, but most times, I attempt to carefully craft a (hopefully) exciting batch of tunes.

I first try to vary things quite a bit, and try to ensure I listen to all the songs and plot out my show and try to build sets that are loosely related. (I have an awesome time doing this, btw!)

Today for example, I had a myriad of mini-sets. Like a husband and wife (Jen Lane and John Antoniuk), a Saskatoon set, a rockin' set, a folky set, a cover set, a poppy set, and a sappy music set (AKA a couple of mushy songs I can't help but love, perhaps in celebration of Hallmark Valentine's Day).

I've given away all my secrets.What do I do now?

So, without further delay, my playlist for February 11!

Strange Animal (Gowan Cover) - The Acorn
I will follow you into the Dark  (Death Cab for Cutie cover) - Amy Millan
Little River - Daniel Ledwell
Easy Come, Easy Go - Great Lake Swimmers
Beautiful - Ben Caplan
The Girl - City and Colour
Safe and Sound - Hawksley Workman
My Denial in Argyle - Woodpigeon
Leap Year - Christine Fellows
Black Bells - Wax Mannequin
The Lonely Cricket - Jen Lane*
Last Day of the Year - John Antoniuk*
Nancy - Deep Dark Woods*
Fossils - Carbon Dating Service*
La Petite Mort - Coeur de Pirate
Romantic Rights - Death from Above 1979
Red Action - Indian Handcrafts
Switched At Death - Vulture Kult*/**
Serious Bedtime - The Balconies
Blood - Dears
Young Hearts Spark Fire - Japandroids
Put Me On - Diamond Rings
Shoreless Kid - Young Galaxy
I Don't Get By - The Sheepdogs* (Bonus tidbit..Learn and Burn was certified PLATINUM last Tuesday! Goo Sheepies!)

Till February 25! <3

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists
**Denotes requested songs

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bloggin' from the deep (freeze)

Hi from Siberia  Saskatchewan! (It's actually "warmed" up since last week's -45 temps..)

Well, I'm a tad late posting my playlist for January 28, but better late than never!

Mind Crumb - Shotgun Jimmie
All my Days - The Gossip
Seven AM - Constantines
Jump in the Pool - Friendly Fires
Things Will Get Better - Bend Sinister
The Young Ones Slept - Great Bloomers
Shortie - Hannah Georgas
Jolene - Hey Ocean!
Breezy Day - The Fjords*
ESP - Hooded Fang
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
Cruise Control - The Inbreds
Lonely Sunday - Jordan Cook*
Tether Ball - The Karpinka Brothers*
Night Shift - Economics*
We Work Better - The Provincial Archive
In Came the Flood - Wintersleep
Hold on When You Get Love, Let go when you give it - Stars
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers
Up and Down - The Mountains and the Trees
Time Running - Seahags*
Small Town Streets - Zachary Lucky*
Feathers - Slow down, molasses*

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists

Wow, lots of SK love this time around. I tend to dabble in it every show, as I think it's important to rep our province!

Till next time!

<3 K