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Monday, September 30, 2013

HZ so good! FM-Phasis 2013


Things have been busy at the hallowed halls of CFCR these days with our annual fundraising drive, FM-Phasis!

The official campaign ran from September 14-27 but we're still busy takin' names and pledges so if you love local radio and sweet-ass music, you should definitely pledge! (To my show... just sayin'! :) hehe) There's some amazing prizes available. Wanna know more? Find out here!

I hosted on September 16 and today, September 30.

Playlist for September 16

Cover Your Tracks - Young Galaxy
Bonfire - Close Talker*
Adventure in the Heart - Shotgun Jimmie
Hanks Horn Lunar Landing - The Wizards*
Are You Dead - Castle River*
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
Partners in Crime - We Were Lovers*
Lost in the Light - Bahamas
Silver Lining - Imaginary Cities
Getcha Good -Jenn Grant
Don't Think - Hollerado
Dreamer - Lightening Dust
Kasparov - Royal Canoe
Love Theme - Foggy Notions*
Too Late - Foam Lake*
Who Are You? - Kathryn Calder
River of Jordan - Seahags
Mind Crumb - Shotgun Jimmie
Public Taser - Shooting Guns
Breezy Day - Fjords
Late - Teen Daze

Playlist for September 30

True Hearts - Foam Lake*
If Raymond Carver Was Born in the '90s - Library Voices*
Synthetica - Metric
Sweetheart - Meisha and the Spanks
Raw Spectacle - Miracle Fortress
Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
When the Wind Wakes Me - Six Moons Later*
Of  Space and Time - City and Colour
Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
The Beat and the Pulse - Austra
Miles and Miles - Deep Dark Woods*
Salty Air - Zachary Lucky*
What Would I have to do - David Myles
Little Liars - Paper Lions
Omega Dog - The Dears
Romantic Rights - Death from Above 1979
Shadow Theatre - Papermaps
Let it Shine on Me - Kacy and Clayton*
Prairie Girl - Rah Rah*
Ghosts - Castle River*

*I had a LOT of local content in both of these shows, because we have a lot to celebrate here in Saskie!*

Also, if you like the idea of Saskatoon music, you should check out a great book by local writer extraordinaire Craig Silliphant. He wrote a book about local tunes, with contribution from some fellow writers (including me! woo!). Check out interviews here, and here and here!

October is on the way. I will be gone for a couple of weeks, but back on October 21!

xo, Kath

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FM-Phasis preview... and WHERE DID TIME GO!?

After a hiatus I returned to the airwaves of our beloved CFCR 90.5 FM yesterday - Monday September 9! It felt good to be back in the chair, listening to tunes and talking about bands and local goings on.

Coming up VERY soon for CFCR is its annual fundraising extravaganza, FM-Phasis! It is our annual fundraising drive, with sweet prizes, swag, and lots of other cool stuff up for grabs.  I will be posting some blergs about this endeavour in the very near future. And may I say, the FM-Phasis Fest line up is AWESOME!

Pretty Boy - Young Galaxy**
Give it a Rest - Bend Sinister
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
I am a Heart - Hey Ocean
Come on out - The Elwins
Mine - The Fjords*
Peace on the Rise - Chad VanGaalen
Pulling on a line - Great Lake Swimmers
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Bandages - Hey Rosetta!
Rejoice, Remain - Junior Pantherz*
Across a Crowded Room - Karpinka Brothers*/**
Mint - Kathleen Edwards
Sick Muse - Metric
Insider Trading (On Outsider Art) - Library Voices*
Summer Sounds - Maylee Todd
Power of the People - Monster Truck
Don't Think - Hollerado
Islands - We Were Lovers*/**
Adventures in Solitude - New Pornographers
Niagara - Ohbijou
Up and Down - The Mountains and the Trees
Lost in the Light - Bahamas
Sound the Alarms - Immaculate Machine

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes FM-Phasis Fest artists.

See you soon! I will be hosting my show again this coming Monday, September 16!