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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Searchlight by CBC Music

So, often in life you hear the term: money doesn't grown on trees. This is a phrase that could easily be uttered by hard-touring, road-rambling musicians tirelessly working to make a name for themselves. Their endeavours are often self-funded, which includes everything from instruments (nahh, really?) to recording, touring, gas, food, and the list can last on for hours.

Starting a band is often a project borne out of one thing: the love of music. Fans come when musicians are emboldened to share their innermost thoughts set to music with others. Those first several steps can be the most terrifying, yet gratifying moments of a band's life.

CBC Music is hosting a contest for "new" bands. The chance to win $20,000 in gear would be a gift from the musical gods. Closing date to enter is this Thursday, fittingly February 14, a day loved is shared all over the world! More info on this fantastic opportunity is available here.

I created a playlist of some sweet "new" Saskatoon bands I think would be very deserving of this prize.

Good luck!

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