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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Time Stands Still

I'm having fun picking song titles as my blog titles lately.

Today, my first hour was pretty much solid rockin'. It was constructed as a musical jolt of energy, and also provided a bit of catharsis as I was building said playlist. The second hour had a good mix of poppy and folky songs.

I usually try to have little mini-sets of genres/tempos, but I just let the music lead me today. The great thing about CFCR is that we are able to play a wide variety of artists from all different musical walks. Wonderful, I tells ya!

Money City Maniacs - Sloan
Your Hands (Together) - New Pornographers
Baby Don't Dance - Mother Mother
Heart's the Target - Milks and Rectangles
Split the Money - North Lakes
Brother Down - Sam Roberts
Validation - Apollo Ghosts
Subdivisions - PS I Love You
I880 - Pack A.D.
Houdini - Teenage Kicks
I Got Love - Bend Sinister
Righteous Smoke - Monster Truck
The Way it Is - The Sheepdogs*
Real Horse Footage - Shooting Guns*
Month of May - Arcade Fire
Instant Karma (Beatles Cover) - Cuff the Duke
Time Stands Still - Joal Kamps** 
I need a Cowboy - Suzie Vinnick*
Colors - April Smith & The Great Picture Show
Oh, what a thing - Good Lovelies
River of Jordan - Seahags*
Propinquity - The Elwins
Dance With Me - The Sounds
Aside - Weakerthans
Surface - Teen Daze
Parkade (NGHTBLND Remix) - Rah Rah*
Help I'm Alive - Metric

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes request.

I got a request from a gal named Victoria today, for Joal Kamps. First of all, super-cool name! Second of all, sweet tunes! Thanks for listening, and for allowing me to discover a new act. :)

Note: I have some links up in my list there for some upcoming shows/festivals.

Have a great Victoria Day weekend, and see you on May 22! :)



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