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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Can't Stop Thinking About You

So, it's coming. FM-Phasis awesomeness is coming! :)
llustration by the fantastic Chrix Morix.

Today's show was an absolute blast. I had a great time sharing some fun songs with you fine folks. Lots of Saskatchewan goodness, lots of acts who will be gracing the stage for FM-Phasis, just lots of awesome!

Here's my playlist. The acts who will be taking part in FM-Phasis will be highlighted in red, and the schedule is here. If you want to find out more about our fundraising drive where you get loads of cool stuff just for supporting us, click here! Every little bit counts. (There are some really great prizes and draws, folks!)

Playlist for September 18, 2014:

Anything You Want, Dear - Zeus
King of Kreuzberg - Shotgun Jimmie
Come on Out - The Elwins
Brill Bruisers - The New Pornographers
Future Describer - Basement Paintings*
Ease My Mind - Gunner and Smith*
Darling - Megan Nash*
Hope Slide - Dream Country*
Let Her Go - Mac DeMarco
Trainwreck 1979 - Death From Above 1979
Prove Me Wrong - Bry Webb
Get it Right - The Fjords*
On the Edge - Suzie Vinnick* - dedicated to my dear friend Jill for her birthday today! :) 
Un canadien errant - Whitehorse
A Formal Invitation - Cold Specks
Why Don't You Believe Me - Small Sins
Monster - Chad Van Gaalen
I'm Gonna Keep on Dancing - High Ends
Can't Stop Thinking about You - Spencer Burton
All The Time - The Moas*
Take Me Out - The Wooden Sky

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Well, if you'd like to donate to my show, that would certainly be lovely. There's a few ways to do so, including by phone, in person, or online! (You just have to say which day... I.E. THURSDAY GREEN EGGS AND HAM, ;) hehe.)

Okay, talk to you next week!



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