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Thursday, April 28, 2016

A New Name for Everything

Happy Thursday!

Today was a nice day in CFCR-adioland.

I had a trainee host in today named Jeff, and he was fantastic. During one host break, he made a great comment about taking care out there, and said "look out for pedestrians, fellow motorists, bicyclists, motorcylces, jugglers..." haha I had to muffle my giggle so I didn't bust out on-air. Too funny.

I love having trainees in, helping them learn the ins and outs, ups and downs. :) It feels like a long time ago, but only a mere five-ish years ago I was learning about all the knobs and doodads and proper radio procedures. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - CFCR is a wonderful family to be a part of. *warm fuzzies* We're always recruiting hosts (it's such a blast!) and being a member has rad perks.

Playlist for April 28, 2016
(Jeff's picks are in red below)

Hangover Days - Jason Collett
A New Name for Everything - The Weakerthans
You In Your Were - Kevin Drew
Miss My Friends - Zeus
Confused - Yukon Blonde
Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Odessa - Caribou
Heartsigh - Purity Ring
Adore - Savages
Back Teeth - Elevator to Hell
The Day We Hit The Coast - Thrush Hermit
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald - Dandy Warhols
The Orient - Tricky Woo
Mission Bells - Armistice
Airborne - Pack A.D.
Fables - Les Sexy
Resuscitate - Wintersleep
Behind the Pine - The Provincial Archive
I've Been Asleep for A Long, Long Time - Hey Rosetta!
This is the Year - Hilary Grist

Alright-ly, be sure to check out the cool links I shared, and head out to some rad happenings!

Have a great rest of your week, and talk at ya on May 5! (Nope, away next week - MAY 12!)

c-ya (gah, remember that?),


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