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Monday, January 16, 2017

Back Among Friends

What an apt title I've chosen!

Welcome back to my playlist blog. The hiatus from posting has mostly come from the fact that my own computer has quit turning on. I've been quasi-getting by on borrowing laptops from pals (thankss!) and using the public computer at the library. Ahh technology, you necessary beast. haha.

Over the last several weeks, I have had a couple of keen trainees learning the boards: Anne and Chris. I will make sure I indicate their picks in colour code (this brings me great amounts of joy -- I love colour coding...yes I am aware I'm a nerd).

Also - HAPPY 2017!

I've been super lucky this past week to be able to help out my fellow radio colleagues by standing in while they were otherwise occupied! On January 13, I had the great pleasure to fill in for Friday Buzz host, the esteemed Brendan Flaherty, and the following day, I was in the hosting chair for the awesome themed show, Snake Mountain Mixtape. SO MUCH RADIO. ♥

So, without further ado, here are the logs from all the shows recently, in reverse chronological order! Also, there are some links to some cool stuff and upcoming shows -- check 'em out!

Snake Mountain Mixtape - Saturday January 14, 2017

Theme: Sun, Moon, Stars

Starseed - Our Lady Peace
Come On - Sunflower Bean
We Built this City - Starship
Harvest Moon - Neil Young
Moon Song - Karen O
My Moon, My Man - Feist
I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett
Sun in An Empty Room - The Weakerthans
Man on the Moon - R.E.M.
Warm and Sunny Days - The Dears
You - Radiohead
Blue Moon - Beck
Sunshine Blues - Bahamas
Take the Stars - SuperFriendz
Of Space and Time - City and Colour
From the Night - Stars (A Tribe Called Red Remix)
Stars 4-Ever - Robyn
Aurora - Ursa*

The Friday Buzz - Friday January 13, 2017

Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
We're All Desi - Delhi 2 Dublin
Breath Takers - Ursa*
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD
My Mother's Side - Elliott BROOD
Broke - Joel Plaskett
New Orbit - The Moas*
No Worries Gonna Find Us - Plants and Animals
All the Stars - Rose Cousins
Loveless - Said the Whale
Money Babies - The Dears

Regularly Scheduled Green Eggs and Ham

Playlist for January 12, 2017

Our Love - Sharon van Etten
Red Heart - Hey Rosetta!
Hallways - Islands
Moves - New Pornographers
Camilo - Said the Whale
C'mon Sea Legs - Immaculate Machine
Salad Days - Mac DeMarco
Echo Bay - Ohbijou
Silver Lining - Imaginary Cities
Calendar Girl - Stars
Claire - Rheostatics
Hamburg, Noon - Land of Talk
Lovely Allen - Holy Fuck
Mushaboom - Feist
Lost Cause - Hannah Georgas
Gravity - Amelia Curran
Cold Snap - Weeping Tile
Careful - Public Animal
Good Old Days - Danny Michel
Jigsaw Heart - Elliott BROOD
Solidarity - Joel and Bill Plaskett
Safe and Sound - Hawksley Workman
Up Against the Wall - The Be Good Tanyas
You, Me and the Bourgeoisie - The Submarines

Playlist for January 5, 2017

Afterlife - Arcade Fire
All I've Ever Known - Bahamas
Purple Heart - Imaginary Cities
I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett
You Would Never Survive the Winters in this Province - Maybe Smith*
New Orbit - The Moas
Omega Dog - Dears
Daylight - Adam Baldwin
Broke - Joel Plaskett
Lost and Found - Karpinka Brothers*
Back Among Friends - TUNS
Ageless Beauty - Stars
True Affection - Father John Misty
Wait - Megan Nash*
Tall, Tall Shadow - Basia Bulat
The Mama Papa - Plants and Animals
Crash Landing - Rae Spoon
Are You Experiencing - Rich Aucoin
We've Got It - We Were Lovers*
Renegades - Economics*
Emerald Lake, AB - Said the Whale
The Middle Road - The Sheepdogs*

Playlist for December 29, 2016 
Featuring picks from trainee, Anne!

Radio - Sylvan Esso
Bodyache - Purity Ring
Hummed Low - Odessa
Utopia - Austra
Honesty - Paper Lions
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Patti Smith (Nirvana Cover)
Race to the Bottom - Dan Mangan
Shine A Light - Wolf Parade
Good Guy - Lakefield
Just One of the Guys - Jenny Lewis
Cut Me Loose - Lady Wray
Don't Walk Away Eileen - Sam Roberts
Ghost Ship of Cannibal Rats - Billy Talent
Vor Vagiskogi - Kaleo
The Dark - The Wine Soaked Peaches
Something Something - Code Pie
Pastel - Tropic Harbour
Fake It - Bastille
Strangers - Boreal Sons
Wonderland - Ladyhawke
Little Corner of the World - Yo La Tengo
Twin Cinema - New Pornographers
How Deep Is Your Love - The Bird and the Bee
Breath Takers - Ursa*
Auld Lang Syne - Hilary Grist

Playlist for December 22, 2016
Featuring picks from trainee, Chris!
Featuring holiday-esque tunes!

Red Heart - Hey Rosetta!
We Lost Everything - The Dears
Hang With Me - Dan Mangan (Robyn Cover)
Elevator Love Letter - Stars
Never Be Mine - Angel Olsen
Last Christmas - Coeur de pirate
Happiness by the Kilowatt - Alexisonfire
Call Me in The Afternoon - Half Moon Run
House of Souls - Volcanoless In Canada*
Only Rain - Safe to Say
Passenger - Rarity
Reinventing Your Exit - Aaron Gillespie
Kept - Movements
My Heroin - Silverstein
Flux and Flow - Lights
Sun in An Empty Room - The Weakerthans
So Down Low - The Elwins
C'mon Sea Legs - Immaculate Machine
Model Homes - In-flight Safety
Merry Christmas - Stompin' Tom Connors
Hallways - Islands
Make it Gold - Ohbijou
Dusty Road - The Seahags*
Star Witness - Neko Case

Playlist for December 15, 2016
Featuring picks from trainee, Anne!

Late - The Moas*
Careful - Public Animal
Out There in the Wild - Young Benjamins*
Sing To Me - Twin Voices*
Wreckless - Little Criminals*
Hell - Tegan and Sara
A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett
I'll Be Loving You - King Khan and the BBQ Show
Hieroglyphics - Maylee Todd
Crash Landing - Rae Spoon
The Mighty Birch - PandaCorn*
Cascades - Metric
When the Wind Wakes Me - Six Moons Later*
Loveless - Said the Whale
River of Jordan - The Seahags*
Hold On When You Get Love, Let Go When You Give It - Stars
Coffee - Sylvan Esso
Keep Your Balance - Violent Kin*
Delay Our Time - Waitress*
Rock With Me - We Were Lovers*
Love on the Rocks - Adam Baldwin
Confessions Part II - BadbadnotGood
Fall For You - Young Galaxy

Playlist for December 8, 2016
Featuring picks from trainee, Chris!

Montreal -40C - Malajube
Like a River - My Morning Jacket
New Orbit - The Moas*
Desire 126 - Hollerado
Crash Years - New Pornographers
Chasing the Sunset - Imaginary Cities
Fools Rush In - Faith Healer
Niagara - Ohbijou
A Million Little Things - Rosie and the Riveters*
1984 - The Seahags*
Throw it All Away - TUNS
Gimme Sympathy - Elliott BROOD (Metric cover)
Heartsigh - Purity Ring
Choisis Tes Mots - Economics*
Loveless - Said the Whale
Everything You've Done Wrong - Sloan
The House Inside - Sam Roberts
Rebellion - Arcade Fire
Defector - Black Mountain
If Tragedy's Appalling, Disaster's An Addition - .moneen.
Where the Force is Low - Lights
Sidewalk When She Walks - Alexisonfire
One Shot - Bend Sinister
Amour than Amis - Two Hours Traffic

Playlist for December 1, 2016

Working Full Time - Constantines
Palmistry - Great Lake Swimmers
It Ain't Easy - Seahags*
Fine Lines - Susan*
All In A Row - Dead Ghosts
Peter's Pickles - Mac DeMarco
Ancient Ruins - Junior Pantherz*
Lo-Fi Junkie - Grey Lands
Ro Ro Roland - Tangiers
Let You Go Cold - Superfriendz
Listen Up - Sylvie
Terrible Thing - The Guthries
All The Stars - Rose Cousins
They Should Have Shut Down the Streets - AC Newman
The Mama Papa - Plants and Animals
All Alone - Michael Rault
Peace on the Rise - Chad Van gaalen
Loin d'ici - Coeur de pirate featuring Sam Roberts
Ride it Out - Imaginary Cities
Truey Bluey - The Garrys*
True Love Knows - La Luz

Playlist for November 24, 2016

Party For One - The Garrys*
AM Blues - Bry Webb
Robots - Dan Mangan
Aside - The Weakerthans
Amour than Amis - Two Hours Traffic
One Shot - Bend Sinister
Golden Lion - Besnard Lakes
Arena - Suuns
BSE - Young Galaxy
Shortie - Hannah Georgas
Islands - We Were Lovers*
I Need You to Fix This - Economics*
Coffee - Sylvan Esso
Knight Moves - Chilly Gonzales
True Affection - Father John Misty
Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip
Crash Years - New Pornographers
Drapeau Blanc - Coeur de pirate
This Is the Year - Hilary Grist

Playlist for November 17, 2016

Blood On Our Hands - Death from Above 1979
I'm Not Ready - Sumner Brothers
The Short Happy Song - Huevros Rancheros
Heart Wrenching Man - Thrush Hermit
Winding Watch - Rebekah Higgs
One Last Midnight - Simone Denny
Cold Highway - The Barrelmen
Spine to Necklace - Tangiers
The City - League of Wolves*
Love U When You're Walking Away - Plumtree
Full Circle - Half Moon Run
Dancing Burnout - The Radiation Flowers*
Mixed Messages - TUNS
Never Be Mine - Angel Olsen
Strange Country - Kacy & Clayton
Amerika - Wintersleep

Playlist for November 10, 2016

The Rio Grande - Kacy and Clayton*
Swift Coin - Land of Talk
Drapeau Blanc - Coeur de pirate
Fantasize - Hannah Georgas
Don't Hold Back - Good Lovelies
Warm and Sunny Days - The Dears
Golden Lion - The Besnard Lakes
Permanent Hesitation - Born Ruffians
Baby Give Up On It - Junior Boys
Why Don't You Believe Me? - Small Sins
Renegades - Economics*
How Do You Do It? - Empress Of
He Brings Out the Whiskey In Me - Amy Millan
Lights Out - Angel Olsen
Fools Rush In - Faith Healer
I am A Heart - Hey Ocean!
Purple Heart - Imaginary Cities
Roll With the Spirits - Sam Roberts Band
Back Among Friends - TUNS
I'll Bring the Sun - Jason Collett

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

Thank you for reading, and I should be able to post these more regularly now!

take care,


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