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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Out like a lion

Well, Smarch is pretty much over. (Simpsons reference...)

It's been a busy month for me personally, but doin' a-okay. I've always got the music, my awesome weekly show and this amazing station to keep me going!

I had a great show today, playing some different tunes. I try my best to share music and talk about the meaning behind it, whether that is a factoid about a certain artist, their song title, the lyrics. Always searching for that message behind the notes. Sometimes I even go so far as to share things I've seen on social media - i.e. poor Jim Bryson tumbling off a ladder. (Wishes for a speedy recovery, pal!) Though I will say, I do not and will not ever take my fact-sharing to tabloid proportions, just general tidbits and well wishes.I dunno, maybe it's silly, but I try to do this so people feel connected to the artist they're hearing.

Anyhow, here's my playlist for Thursday, March 27.

Goddess on the Prairie - Hot Hot Heat
Write it All Down for You - Elliott BROOD
Youth is Wasted on the Young - Young Galaxy
Willow - Said the Whale
Kiss Cam - Arkells
Resuscitate - Wintersleep
Partners in Crime - We Were Lovers*
Wait up for You - The Belle Game
IT - Rich Aucoin
Big Blue Wave - Hey Ocean
Magic - Two Hours Traffic
Sidecar - Kathleen Edwards featuring Jim Bryson
Black Bells - Wax Mannequin
The Bad in Each Other - Feist
First Violin - Moonface
Night Windows - The Weakerthans
Do I ever Cross your Mind - Martha Wainwright
Loin d'ici - Coeur de Pirate featuring Sam Roberts
Standing On the Edge - Cuff the Duke
Suckcess - Michael Rault
All Boats Don't Rise - Loon Choir
Achilles' Desire - Whitehorse
A Million Dollars - Joel Plaskett
This is the Year - Hilary Grist
One Shot - Bend Sinister

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

So, just a friendly reminder - our membership drive is starting next week - on March 31 - and will run to April 13. During that time, we'll be out in the community at various locations, hosting shows, and having all sorts of draws. A CFCR membership is good for one year, and gives members benefits and discounts at many local business, eligibility for monthly and periodic draws, and all sorts of other cool things! :) More information is available here.

See ya next Thursday!



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