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CFCR's 90.5 FM's Morning Show

Friday, March 7, 2014


Thursday March 6 was a fun show!

I had a blast pickin' and playin' some sweet, sweet tunes. I just went with the flow and dammit, it worked out!

Beaches - Rah Rah*
Easy Come, Easy Go - Great Lake Swimmers
Who's Gonna Miss You? - Danny Michel
Kasparov - Royal Canoe
Standing in a Line - Shotgun Jimmie
Big Sur - Shotgun Jimmie
P.U.S.H. - Rich Aucoin
Better things to do - Bend Sinister
Original Spin - Mother Mother
Heartbreaker - Gramercy Riffs
Dreamer - Jody Glenham
4 - Aroara
The Edge of Chinatown - Papermaps
Who? - The Sheepdogs*
I Don't Know - The Sheepdogs*
The Middle Road - The Sheepdogs*
Righteous Smoke - Monster Truck
Sworded Beest - Monster Truck
One for the Body - Wildlife
Head and Heart - Wilderness of Manitoba
This City - Friends of Foes*
We've Got It - We Were Lovers*
Open Door - Gunner and Smith*/**
I Lost My Way - Matt Anderson
Luckiest Man - King Khan and the Shrines
Hostile - The Planet Smashers
This Time - Miesha and the Spanks 
Achilles' Desire - Whitehorse

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.
**Denotes requests.

I also was training a new host named Justin! He is awesome and is really looking forward to starting his CFCR journey. Great sense of humour too. He called the triple-shot of the Sheepies "Breakfast With the Sheepdogs." Bahaha!

Anyway see ya next Thursday, March 13! 

Don't forget about CFCR's International Women's Day fundraiser at Louis' Loft on March 8!