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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Second Thursdays

Heyyy, long time no chat. I am going to be more on the ball with posting my weekly playlists, and in that effort, here's the one for... YOU GUESSED IT - today, Thursday February 27!

It was a good show, had fun with a few favourites, some different genres, and rhythms. I'm not sure if it's the time of day, but I always like to keep the music mostly high energy during these morning shows. Like a burst of musical coffee to wake me you up! But I love me some chill tunes as well. There's a place for them all!

Alas, here is my playlist for this week's show:

Dancing on the Edge of our Graves - Born Ruffians
Afterlife - Arcade Fire
Reaction - Acres of Lions
No Ecstasy - Constantines
Los Banditos - The Fjords*
Crazy - Pack A.D.
300 Pages - The Balconies
Evil's Sway - Japandroids
Le Blizzard - Malajube
Fantasize - Hannah Georgas
Laura Palmer's Prom - You Say Party!
Something Else - Diamond Rings
Cover Your Tracks - Young Galaxy
Don't Deny - Hot Chip
MoombahWOW - A Tribe Called Red
White Keys - Chilly Gonzales
The Heron and the Fox - Little Scream
All Their Broken Hearts - Julie Doiron
Come Clean - Tim Chaisson
Out Like a Lion - Whitehorse
Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
Bones - Young Benjamins*
Through & Through & Through - Joel Plaskett
Keep Your Balance - Violent Kin*

If you're in Saskatoon, and ever wondering to yourself -  "Hey I wonder what awesome shows and concerts are coming up!?" -  you should head to CFCR's comprehensive concert and events listing! It's super handy. This coming weekend looks like an action-packed one. With Rah Rah*, Foam Lake*, and Sidney York on Saturday, and the aforementioned Pack A.D and local Pandas in Japan* on Sunday, as well as lots of other shows around the city.

Well, have a great one and see ya next Thursday!

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

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