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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh, hai blerg. Playlists!

I am a lackadaisical blogger. Forgive me?

I think that I am going to start posting playlists from my radio show here on this ol' blog. I am a volunteer radio host at a fantastic community radio station. It's something I find both fascinating and challenging. I am doing my best to refine my shows, have fun, and be more expressive. The written word has always been a little bit easier for me to tackle, as I have time to edit myself and hit backspace. Broadcasting doesn't allow for that, so it takes planning and thought. I often find myself repeating the same key phrases, which is okay to an extent. "Fantastic local talent" has been creeping up in my on-air vocab waaay more than I like it to. Just need to find new ways of expressing my love for local music, because I do in fact, think it's pretty fantastic!

Moving on..

Here is my playlist for July 30!

Shotta - Bonjay
Romantic Rights - Death From Above 1979
Are You Dead? - Castle River*
In your Light - Bruce Peninsula
Melted Mixtape - Carbon Dating Service*
Validation - Apollo Ghosts
In your body - Ariane Moffatt
Keep me High - Adaline
Loin d'ici - Coeur de pirate
Hang me up to dry - Cold War Kids
Mary Meets the Pilot - Boxer the Horse
Die Young - The Danks
You Got Me - Mobadass (The Steadies)*
Parkade - Rah Rah (NGHTBLND Remix)*
What are they doing in heaven today - The Be Good Tanyas
The Hair Song - Black Mountain
Hang me, oh hang me - The Deep Dark Woods*
When the seasons drown - Grey Kingdom
Michigan Left - Arkells
Burnout - Ox
Lightshow - Plants and Animals
Mistake Lover - Chains of Love
Enemies - Hannah Georgas
Something More - The Great Bloomers
Northern Air - Elliott BROOD

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists.

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