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Monday, August 13, 2012

Playlists, sickness, and sleep

I freaking love summer colds. And by love I mean hate.

Last week I started to feel like this cold was approaching, so I started pumping the vitamin C et al. Though later that day, I started to feel something I have never felt while having a cold: dizzy. Full-on, room spinning, can't stand up without falling over dizzy. So dang strange.

It turns out the next day after about 10 hours of sleep that the sensation did not go away, so I headed to the clinic. They checked everything out (ECG and sugars, blood pressure) and everything seemed normal. The doc said it seemed that my cold was effecting my inner ears first... so I had severe vertigo. Hm..

Anyway, though I feel a tad bit better, this cold not quite done running its course...It's moved from sore throat to dizzy, to stuffed up and sinus pain, and now coughing... with the dizziness being the only thing that has subsided, thanks to a prescription.

Anyway, now that I'm done telling this sob story, I'm hosting my radio show this morning and am quickly realizing that hosting the radio with a cold DOES NOT SOUND GOOD. haha.

Regardless, I didn't feel like dying too much this morning so I got out of bed.

Here she is, the August 13 playlist:

Dusty Road - The Seahags*
Go Ego - Eight and a Half
Subdivisions - PS I love you
All Boats Don't Rise - Loon Choir
You Silly Git - Dan Mangan
Tosta Mista - Hooded Fang
Give it Away - Dehli 2 Dublin
Blood - The Dears
Ghost Fever - The Balconies
Sulk - TRUST
Closer - Chic Gamine
Victoria - Andy Shauf*
Moon Base - Jeans Boots*
Black and White Mountains - Snowblink
Baby Don't Dance - Mother Mother
Miss K - Deer Tick
Beverly Terrace - Sloan
Beautiful - Ben Caplan
The Grand Optimist - City and Colour
Uninvited - Foam Lake*
Oh My Heart - Jenn Grant
Lay Right Down and Die - Michael Rault
Gimme Mercury - North Lakes
Don't Touch that Dial - Paper Lions
Lucky - Said the Whale
Looking for Someone - Sarah Slean

*Denotes Saskatchewan-based artists. 

Have a lovely week!

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